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Sapphire jewelry.

One of a Kind Functional Jewelry by William Henry

William Henry offers amazing knives, writing instruments, money clips and divot tools. Company was founded in 1997 by partners Matthew William Conable and Michael Henry Honack. Their tools regularly win prestigious awards in the professional world’s most authoritative exhibitions.

Artisans from William Henry are the real masters of their craft. Each item is full of unique art design and high level of work. All products can be decorated with Koftgari, carved silver, and various engraving. Lock buttons and thumbstuds of the finest knives could be adorned with with semi-precious and precious gems. Gold and other precious materials are regularly used to decorate important things, but what about meteorites? Not so long ago, media stated that William Henry uses meteorite for its Ventana collection! Read More »

Cooperation of Imperial Russia and Paris – Jewelry Masterpieces by The House of Marchak

The House of Marchak is known worldwide for its fine jewelry and luxury goods. Unique jewelry performed in Art Deco style, combined with Russian traditions and made out of precious metals and dazzling gems. Modern jewelers of this brand try not to miss the unique style.

Not every jewelry house can boast such a long history as The House of Marchak. The company was founded in 1868 in Kiev. The story of this brand can become a real bestseller. For today Marshak Jewelry House has official representation in the U.S., Japan, Australia, France and Russia. Read More »

Sapphire Flower – Dazzling Masterpieces from Jewelry Collection by Bvlgari

Sapphire Flower collection by the worldly known Italian jewelry brand Bvlgari, is something you will certainly admire. This is the embodiment of elegance, beauty and luxury. The collection including sapphire earrings, necklaces and rings is made of 18K yellow gold, diamonds, pearls and of course fancy sapphires hypnotizing by the play of the colors. Needless to say, that these masterpieces possess the top quality.

18kt yellow gold with fancy sapphires, diamonds and pavé diamonds

The adornments by Bvlgari simply breathe with sophisticated feminine spirit. The Sapphire Flower features exceptional quality and an innovative style which are strictly followed by this jewelry house. The wonderful and refined jewels appeal to the sense of beauty in everyone who sees them. Gorgeous! Read More »

Unique Gold Handmade Jewelry from Delezhen

Feel the sense of magic being given by the fabulous jewelry from New York based Delezhen store. This is the line of the high quality handmade bright accessories for women which like to be in the centre of everyone’s attention. These earrings, necklaces and rings are so colorful and alive that they certainly cannot leave without emotions. Some can even see the shade of mystery in the luscious contours.

White Agate, Amethyst Bracelet

Delezhen uses only the finest materials to create its masterpieces including 14K, 18K and 22K solid gold and 18K and 22K gold plated vermeil and natural gemstones. As the designer uses only natural stones, they may vary slightly in shape, shade and size. Fill your autumn with deep and beautiful colors! Read More »

Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry – Stacking Rings from Lavender Cottage

If you want to have a stylish and charming ring you should pay attention to the collection of the Stacking rings by Lavender Cottage shop. Each item is handcrafted with loving care. These are the rings that last the lifetime. Cheryl Van Dyck, the designer uses only one of a kind stones that bring a special hue to the items, so you shouldn’t hesitate about the uniqueness of your ring. If you want to suggest your own idea of design you are welcome.

Stacking Rings Sterling Silver with Malachite

Lavender Cottage offers a range of bright and elegant accessories that will be suitable for each woman. The rings are romantic and noble, cute and simple. The designer uses different materials among which are sterling silver, golden brass etc. Enjoy the stacking charm. Read More »

Unique handmade Jewelry from Earthly Icons

We want to present to you attention the striking Lapidary Art by Mark L. Milanich by EarthlyIcons. You will not leave it without attention due to the rich palette of colors playing in the gemstones used. Creative, modern and stylish the jewels included in the collection look very elegant. Simple shapes are completed by the fanciful design and high quality of production.

Pietersite, Citrine and Sapphire

Each of the items is carefully handcrafted and is unique. The brightest gemstones which are probably one of the biggest designer’s love are collected personally from the shores of Lake Michigan. Sophisticated gems look very harmonious and make you closer to the nature. Enjoy the visual form giving and expressiveness in the Lapidary Art. Read More »

The Happy Mickey Collection – Disney Style Jewelry by Chopard

The childhood is embodied with the imposing cartoon world of Walt Disney for lots of us. Chopard, the Swiss based chic brand of jewelry and watches, is also fond of this movie production giant. Expanding the line of the famous Happy Diamonds this luxury company created the incredible line called Happy Mickey. As you have already understood the collection of the accessories is devoted to the marry hero of the cartoon known all over the world.

Chopard made The Happy Mickey collection using 18-carat white, rose or yellow gold featuring moving diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The amazing line including playful earrings, stylish watches, fun pendants and unusual necklaces is quite suitable for the young, for those who are daring enough to fill the life with the magic colors of Mickey world. With these jewels a bit of childhood will appear in your daily life. Read More »

Early Greek, Roman and Egyptian jewellery from Charmian Harris

It may sound as a play of the words but the jewels created by the talented designer Charmian Harris look really charming. The designer first specialized in ceramic production, and then found her inspiration in metalwork. Using the simple and mostly self-taught techniques she works with the texture and forms of her jewelry giving a special attention to the details.

18ct Gold, Chrysoprase, White Sapphire and Diamond

The main peculiarity of the adornments by Charmian Harris is the bright and luscious variety of the stones decorating them. Charmian works different carats and colors of gold, silver and semiprecious stones presenting to us the works of art which hypnotize by their intricate beauty. Collecting the most effective gemstones from all over the world, the designer combines them and makes her creations simply eye catching! Read More »

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection Will Be Auctioned At Christie’s

Great people sometimes are great in many things. One of the world’s most known actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age Elizabeth Taylor was passionate not only with her vocation but also with her striking jewelry, especially those with diamonds. Jewels were a big part of her life, they were her friends, and Elizabeth even wrote a book under the title My Love Affair with Jewelry. And now Christie’s auction is holding with Liz Taylor’s complete jewelry collection valued at $30 million.

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection contains about 300 items; there are many really fantastic among them. Some and the brightest were presented as the gifts by her loving husband. The zest of the collection is a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond ring with a ruby which is the most perfect ruby ever known to mankind as the actress said. Other luxury brands in the collection are Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. These chic and amazing diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, rings, necklaces and a tiara will catch your attention for a long time because these are really great gems of a great woman! Read More »

Collection of Accessories for the Princess from Montblanc

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» is a new collection of jewelry pieces and writing accessories released by Montblanc in honor of Her Majesty Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was married in a pink dress therefore most of the accessories made in white and pink colors.

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» consists of jewelry, watches and pens, which are made of gold and encrusted with precious stones. Princess set sparkling with white and pink diamonds, sapphires and topaz. The collection was created to support The Princess Grace Foundation. All funds from the sale of these accessories will go to charity. Read More »