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One of a Kind Functional Jewelry by William Henry

William Henry offers amazing knives, writing instruments, money clips and divot tools. Company was founded in 1997 by partners Matthew William Conable and Michael Henry Honack. Their tools regularly win prestigious awards in the professional world’s most authoritative exhibitions.

Artisans from William Henry are the real masters of their craft. Each item is full of unique art design and high level of work. All products can be decorated with Koftgari, carved silver, and various engraving. Lock buttons and thumbstuds of the finest knives could be adorned with with semi-precious and precious gems. Gold and other precious materials are regularly used to decorate important things, but what about meteorites? Not so long ago, media stated that William Henry uses meteorite for its Ventana collection! Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Doron Merav – An Architect and A Goldsmith

My name is Doron Merav and I am an architect, sculptor and jewelry designer. Before my architecture studies and during, I was painting and sculpting in wood, stone and steel. I wasn’t interested in jewelry. So how is it that today I am a full time jewelry designer selling my designs online and in different shops around the world?

During my architecture studies I visited a friend from the university who was a jewelry designer. He showed me the tools and taught me basic technique. I realized that jewelry making is sort of a variation of sculpting. Design studies at the university combined with my experience as a sculptor drove me to buy the necessary equipment and start creating. I have studied alone, experimenting in my home workshop with new materials and techniques. Read More »

Balanced Mosaic of Colors, Textures and Shapes – Jewelry by Pamela Huizenga

Pamela Huizenga is the jewelry designer who found her inspiration in designing her own accessory line. She tries to find the balance in her creations, this is the balance of colours, textures and shapes, the designer doesn’t hide the imperfection of the stones which she adores mentioning that this feature gives the stones their special personality and makes them individual just like us.

Rose Cut Diamonds in 18k gold

Pamela Huizenga works with the nature using colorful and bright gemstones and giving a lot of energy and love to each item. She focuses on the color and shape of each gem, allowing it to guide her hands and imagination. Her jewellery is the wonderful and luscious mosaic bringing the joy and good mood. Read More »

Early Greek, Roman and Egyptian jewellery from Charmian Harris

It may sound as a play of the words but the jewels created by the talented designer Charmian Harris look really charming. The designer first specialized in ceramic production, and then found her inspiration in metalwork. Using the simple and mostly self-taught techniques she works with the texture and forms of her jewelry giving a special attention to the details.

18ct Gold, Chrysoprase, White Sapphire and Diamond

The main peculiarity of the adornments by Charmian Harris is the bright and luscious variety of the stones decorating them. Charmian works different carats and colors of gold, silver and semiprecious stones presenting to us the works of art which hypnotize by their intricate beauty. Collecting the most effective gemstones from all over the world, the designer combines them and makes her creations simply eye catching! Read More »