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Garnet jewelry.

Mixture of Fall Colors and Romantic Shapes in Jewelry Pieces from Silver Moth

Autumn is the time of the warm feelings and emotions. So share them with your nearest and dearest due to the cute collection of the jewelry accessories by Silver Moth. The designer is not afraid to experiment on the mix of different ideas. She combines different shapes, textures, and colors in her handcrafted masterpieces.

The adornments by Silver Moth are so romantic and pretty that will sure give a lot of pleasant emotions to the wearer. These jewels can become the eye-catching addition to any image. All items are made of sterling silver with great attention to the details. Let yourself be permeated by the atmosphere, colors and shapes always inspired by the arts. Read More »

Early Greek, Roman and Egyptian jewellery from Charmian Harris

It may sound as a play of the words but the jewels created by the talented designer Charmian Harris look really charming. The designer first specialized in ceramic production, and then found her inspiration in metalwork. Using the simple and mostly self-taught techniques she works with the texture and forms of her jewelry giving a special attention to the details.

18ct Gold, Chrysoprase, White Sapphire and Diamond

The main peculiarity of the adornments by Charmian Harris is the bright and luscious variety of the stones decorating them. Charmian works different carats and colors of gold, silver and semiprecious stones presenting to us the works of art which hypnotize by their intricate beauty. Collecting the most effective gemstones from all over the world, the designer combines them and makes her creations simply eye catching! Read More »

Iconic Jewelry: Perfect Masterpieces from Panthère de Cartier

The Cartier jewelry house is famous for its noble and amazing creations which allure by their mysterious beauty, top quality, subtle power of the stones used and precious materials, and of course the fantastic inspiration of the masters. The collection Panthere de Cartier rivets the eyes and simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. The gems included in it are gorgeous and fabulous.

Panthere brooch, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx by Cartier

Crafted from white and yellow gold with different luscious stones they were inspired by the artist and goldsmith, a woman who was the muse for the master of Cartier house. Her silhouette was like the panther’s one. So this charming collection is a symbol of admiration because of the enigmatic power, indomitable predator and seductive temptation. The dangerous beauty of the Panthere de Cartier hypnotizes! Read More »

Flawless Jewelry from the Fruits collection by de Grisogono

Summer is high time for freshness, brightness and new bold ideas. It is also the time for different fruits. What can be better than to make them not only tasty but also beautiful decorative gems? Grisogono known as the world famous jewelry brand for its creative and expressive concepts and unusual usage of different precious stones presented its appetizing and sparkling Fruit collection finished with several sorts of gold and wide range of stones among which are for example rubies, emeralds, diamonds, amethysts etc.

Apple earrings from Fruits collection by de Grisogono

The jewel craftsmen which can be named among the best-qualified in the world create items perfect in proportions and dimensions expressing the imposing ideas. Be sure such seductive adornments will not leave anyone indifferent, no matter what fruit you will choose. Fruit gems attract attention and present cheerful, light and playful mood. Read More »

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

You want to gift your beloved with something luxurious and adorable this Valentine’s Day? Take notice of the breathtaking rings from LOVE Collection by Cartier.

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

LOVE Collection has appeared in the time of popularity of minimalism. And in a trice has turned in real love story thanking Liz Taylor and Richard Barton, Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti. Jewelry pieces of LOVE collection demonstrate the perfect beauty of minimalist designs. High-tech design of LOVE collection originates in the rapid art quest of 1960th years. Screw is the central element of an ornament of LOVE Collection. Certainly it’s only art similarity, not the real screw. All pieces of this jewelry collection are made of platinum, white, yellow and pink gold, white brilliants, pink sapphires and onyx. Read More »

35th Anniversary Collection of Hello Kitty Jewelry from Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora brought her incredible fashion industry experience to the famous fictional character of the kawaii segment. 35th Anniversary Collection made of 18k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. This pendants and rings will be a magnificent highlight for women of any age, in spite of the fact that this collection targeted to young children who grew up with Hello Kitty.

35th Anniversary Collection of Hello Kitty Jewelry From Kimora Lee Simmons

Hello Kitty Jewelry From Kimora Lee Simmons

Total diamond carat weights represent an approximate total weight of all diamonds in each piece and may vary no more than .05 below stated weight. Read More »

Hot Jewelry Trend for spring by London Manori

Several days ago London Manori said that Sterling Silver Is the Hot Jewelry Trend for Spring. First of all what is Sterling Silver? Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Actually it is the most popular silver today. Sterling silver doesn’t tarnish and require constant polishing. Returning to topic of our conversation, I would like to introduce you to some rings by London Manori. This collection called Dragons:

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Play with fire and ice

Play with fire and ice

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Look at these masterpieces made of 18k white and yellow gold with white pave diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds and Tahitian pearls. But Manori says that the jewelry trend for this spring is Sterling Silver. Time will show. Let’s look at women’s silver rings by London Manori: Read More »