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Diamond jewelry.

Juste Un Clou – New Elements of the Famous Collection by Cartier

Iconic collection of 70th is back in vogue. Items of this collection are look like bent nails that are made of gold and decorated with diamonds. Rings and bracelets are the embodiment of the rebellious spirit of the 1970s and self-reliance.

These nails cannot help you with woodworking, but these precious masterpieces can make you unforgettable. Cartier jewelers tried their best to create these simple but striking items. Women’s jewelry pieces made of white, pink or yellow gold and stylized under dangerous nails looked very attractive. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Doron Merav – An Architect and A Goldsmith

My name is Doron Merav and I am an architect, sculptor and jewelry designer. Before my architecture studies and during, I was painting and sculpting in wood, stone and steel. I wasn’t interested in jewelry. So how is it that today I am a full time jewelry designer selling my designs online and in different shops around the world?

During my architecture studies I visited a friend from the university who was a jewelry designer. He showed me the tools and taught me basic technique. I realized that jewelry making is sort of a variation of sculpting. Design studies at the university combined with my experience as a sculptor drove me to buy the necessary equipment and start creating. I have studied alone, experimenting in my home workshop with new materials and techniques. Read More »

Infinity of happiness: Happy 8 by Chopard

Chopard jewelry is one of the most exciting exhibits at BASELWORLD 2012. The figure 8 becomes a source of inspiration for artists from world famous brand. Throughout history and many different cultures, 8 has always been seen as a good omen, a token of balance, completeness and prosperity: the promise of happiness tinged with an aura of infinity.

The ideal curves, richness and power of the figure 8 have inspired us to create a collection where the infinity purity of the lines echoes that of the materials in a subtle association between diamonds and white gold. In these watches and pendants, the spirit of Happy Diamonds is ever present through the free-spirited play of the precious gems, while the curves of the 8 find a stylistic echo in the interlacing circles. Metaphorical infinity thus becomes a dazzling embrace, guided by a universal lucky sign. Read More »

Organic and Nature Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry from Michelle Chang Jewelry

Michelle Chang offers amazing jewelry pieces made of gold, sterling silver and diamonds. Michelle Chang was born in Korea and she moved to New York City when she was seven. Michelle Chang was at one time an aspiring fine artist, an interior designer, and an illustrator. Maybe that’s why her works are so attractive and interesting.

“To me, jewelry making is drawing, design, sculpture, and craft. All embodied in a tiny object that can be worn and which I hope will provide meaning and value to the wearer. I find inspiration in many things small and large, natural and man-made, living and inert. In short, pretty much anything and everything. Every piece of jewelry is made by hand and is therefore unique. My jewelry is made here in NYC, the city that I grew up in, the city that I had left for many years, and the city that I returned to, only to find that I’ve never truly left.” Michelle Chang. Read More »

Ten Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces with Elephants founded on Etsy

Elephants are a traditional symbol of royal power in India, China and Africa. In Chinese culture the elephant symbolizes strength, prudence, sagacity, energy, supreme power and overcoming death. In Buddhism, the elephant – the most revered sacred animal, a symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. In the Greco-Roman culture, the elephant is an attribute of Mercury, the emblem of wisdom.

With such a strong semantic charge Elephants become a great symbol for jewelry. These rings, bracelets, pendants and even earring can be founded on Etsy. Artisan from all over the world offers their crafts adorned with Elephant theme. Let see the most popular and interesting of them. Read More »

Conscious Alternative to Precious Metal Jewelry: Wedding & Commitment Rings from Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Rhode Island School of Design and then graduated from The Gemological Institute of America. He founded his jewelry company in 1973. The main feature of jewelry from Etienne Perret is high-quality ceramic masterpieces with precious stones and diamonds.

Items from Wedding and Commitment Rings collection by Etienne Perret are made of Zirconia ceramic, which is said to be hard as sapphire and practically scratch and shatterproof. Some of the rings adorned with various precious stones. Etienne Perret Jewelry can be seen in the most famous stores around the world. Read More »

Handcrafted High Class Diamond Jewelry from Shiree Odiz

Shiree Odiz offers limited edition handcrafted masterpieces made of precious materials, upholding the highest possible standards of workmanship and professionalism in the industry. Not everyone can afford to buy high-quality diamond jewelry. But these adornments are true works of art.

Before you decide to purchase from Shiree Odiz that you will have read up on the 4 C’s that make up the worth of a diamond in relationship to how much your budget is (Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut) as well as the importance of independent certification to ensure the 4 C’s are in fact accurate and unbiased. Read More »

Sparkling Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands from Couture Collection by Verragio

Verragio is a world famous brand which specializes in the production of luxury wedding jewelry. Barry Verragio is a gifted jewelry designer who founded the Verragio. Couture Collection consists of engagement rings and wedding bands.

0.35Ct. of pave set round brilliant diamonds to enhance a round diamond center

Main features of jewelry from Verragio is clean lines and cutting edge designs, interesting but at the same restrained design. Rings from Couture Collection are made of platinum, palladium and gold and adorned with carefully selected diamonds. Retail price range for Couture Collection starts at $1,500 up to $3,500 in 18K. Verragio’s Couture pieces are made to accommodate anywhere from a classic round center stone to an asscher or radiant cut. Read More »

Luxury Engagement Rings with Diamonds from Nail Lane

Neal Lane is not just an American jeweler but also famous jewelry brand well-known for luxury masterpieces. Fabulously expensive products predominate in the range of this brand. But there are also rings with more democratic prices. Marriage is a serious event so do not try to tighten the purse strings.

Engagement rings from Nail Lane are popular among movie stars, famous athletes, and successful businessmen. These gleaming rings made of platinum, gold and diamonds of various cuts. Among clients of Nail Lane there are such stars as Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh, Carmen Electra, Rachel Griffiths, Kristin Davis, AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Simpson and others. Read More »

Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner – Diamond Encrusted Game for the Real Monopolists

This board game in the genre of the economic strategy was very popular in the XX century in many countries around the world. Pemberton & Milner has created a Monopoly game that costs £100,000. Pemberton & Milner is a leading corporate and private commission leather goods company.

In Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner traditional playing pieces will be replaced with symbols of military subjects of Great Britain. Luxury game has solid silver pieces and other elements of the game are decorated with diamonds and gold. 15% of money earned from sales of the game will be donated to: The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, RAF Benevolent Fund. There is also a cheaper version of Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner. Read More »