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Jewelry made from fragments of broken porcelain by Boodi Blu

Sarah Marafie is the founder of London based jewelry brand called Boodi Blu. Designer takes inspiration from the fragments of history which have survived to the present day in pieces of porcelain. Each porcelain piece has been found buried in the ground or washed up by rivers, some of them dating back to the 18th century.

Boodi Blu chunky china porcelain necklace

Sarah found a really interesting direction of development of jewelry art. Recycling, nostalgia and delicate design all rolled into one. Adornments by Boodi Blu are carefully handcrafted using metals, gemstones, charms and freshwater pearls they look like one of a kind. Read More »

Adornments Which Reflect a Highly Exclusive Lifestyle from ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery

Each ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery piece is unique not only for its details and remarkably distinct imprint, but also because of its originality in combining different materials, which makes them highly extraordinary, and the way they are skilfully manufactured by the precious hands of experienced artisans, guarantees their excellent quality transforming them into irreplaceable jewels.

The Belaspekta – Heritage Jewellery Collection greatly inspired by the feminine grace and allure of the 1920’s, offers the modern women magical details that are a reinterpretation of a classical style which defined a glamorous era, reflecting our passion for finesse and excellence, where nothing is left unnoticed by our designers and artisans who seek to create jewels that will suit you perfectly, offering the luxurious and contemporary look you dream for. Read More »

Five Interesting Swinging Necklaces Found on the Etsy

Now is the time when many people are looking for gifts. Handmade pendant or necklace is one of easy solutions. But this gift can be embellished with a special symbol such as swings. It symbolizes great satisfaction and freedom and sometimes loving relationships.

These necklaces can be a perfect gift for those girls who likes to swing. These Swinging necklaces are made of different materials and various styles. Among them there are even those that fit the youngest fans of jewelry. For example Sock Monkey Pendant is custom made to order Chillaxing baby monkey swinging upside down from his legs and tail. Read More »

Jewelry made by Hand with Love and Care by Me Me Me

Jewelcrafting exists since time immemorial. At the moment we can find very different kinds of jewelry. All of them represent a combination of style, precious materials and skill of artisan. Precious materials are not the main factor in today jewelry. Some jewelers offer a great items made of porcelain.

Bird porcelain necklace with star or heart on silver chain

Me Me Me create necklaces, earrings, brooches and interior products out of porcelain and sterling silver. Their works are cute and beautiful. These jewelry are perfectly combined with tranquil appearance. Read More »

Cheerful Ceramic Jewelry from Beathe Hustoft

Nowadays handmade jewels are in great fashion. Many designers prefer to make their masterpieces themselves. Among them is Beathe Hustoft, a happy girl who creates her masterpieces from the clay which she finds very convenient for such purpose. As she says she catches the inspiration in everything she sees: in nature, science, typography, literature, architecture etc.

No guts no glory, Necklace with porcelain pendants on a sterling silver chain

Visit her Etsy shop to find a lot of different and rather unusual clay adornments that are very simple and at the same time have their own special zest. Bea tried to put some humor in every piece of her collection. The result is that each of it simply breathes with life, cheerful joyfulness and youthful fervent concept. Read More »

Adorable Eggs of the Porcelain by Peter Nebengaus

German jeweler and designer Peter Nebengaus makes handcrafted porcelain things. Feature of his masterpieces is a unique combination of porcelain with jewelry. Particular attention should be paid to the luxurious eggs by Peter Nebengaus. Unique eggs made of the best European porcelain combine elements of contemporary art with ancient stylistic features.

Platinum Egg by Peter Nebengaus

Adorable Eggs are created using a special application technique of gold and platinum. Organic combination of glossy and matte surfaces enables to achieve a special effect of volume. Masterpieces encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. In addition to the eggs in an assortment of porcelain products you’ll find pictures, vases, lamps and tea sets. Read More »

Delicate handcrafted porcelain jewelry by Maap Studio

A huge number of jewelry offers contemporary market. The most part of them are similar – cold jewelry pieces created from precious materials but do not containing any emotions. Sufficiently rare we can find jewelry items that fascinate with inner grace and sophisticated design. For example amazing jewelry pieces made of porcelain.

Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet Bangle Turquoise Green Color Limited Edition by Maap Studio

Maap Studio is a small company specializing in designing and manufacturing of contemporary jewelry. Exquisite rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of of porcelain and silver. Creating these masterpieces artisans were inspired by natural beauty. Jewelry decorated with delicate porcelain flowers and can easily attract your attention because of the soft but sophisticated colors. Read More »

Truly unique rings for true love

Conceptual rings by Frederik Roijé called Two of a Kind are filled with romance to the limit. Amazing set for a love performance delivered as a single porcelain piece. Beloved putting on the rings together (sizes of rings can be different) and breaking this porcelain piece in two like a wishbone. Result creating a crack is pair of rings which as unique as a snowflake. Rings are available in two colors – black and white. There are also piece of emery that you can use to polish the crack. Two of a Kind rings will be a great gift to your relationship.

Two of a Kind in white

Two of a Kind

Frederik Roijé is young designer from Netherlands. Most of his works are exquisite interior elements. Read More »