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Jewelry made of platinum.

Fresh Ethnical New Zealand Wedding Rings by Ashley Hilton

Are you looking for wedding rings? If classic wedding rings too conservative for you then you should pay attention to custom wedding rings from Ashley Hilton. New Zealand based designer offers an exciting range of ethnical jewelry made of gold, platinum, silver copper and titanium. His work decorated with amazing ornaments and can be inlaying with precious stones at the client’s request.

14K Gold and Diamonds

Ash Hilton tries to reflect both the human and natural environment in his work by using symbols and materials that have meaning to him and represent where he comes from. All rings elegantly packaged in boxes made of New Zealand hardwood. Read More »

Glamorous as the Sparkling Brilliance of the Rarest in the World – Lily Cluster Collection by Harry Winston

You are already acquainted with the masterpieces of the famous goldsmith brand Harry Winston as we have reviewed lots of its collections. Now it is time for Lily Cluster collection. The sweet elegance and noble sophistication are the main features of these jewels. Made of yellow gold and platinum and decorated by the brilliant and marquise diamonds the Lily Cluster earrings, necklaces and rings look luxury and catch attention.

92 round brilliant and marquise diamonds, total weight 0.68 carats; 18K yellow gold setting

Harry Winston is known for making the finest, rarest and exceptional jewels which possess the highest quality. The Lily Cluster collection was made with the attention to each detail. The tender adornments inspired by the beautiful flower will make you the queen wherever you are. Feel the pure excitement. Read More »

Unusual Bridal Jewelry Ideas by Wendy Leah Dawson

Wendy Leah Dawson, a talented artist and jeweler from the UK, is very interested in different mechanisms and constructions. He tries to add some elements in his adornments. The main materials of the collections are silver, platinum and aluminium, sometimes incorporating parts of the original mechanism (for example glass). These jewels are intended to please the body as well as the wearer.

Some models from Wendy Leah Dawson look really rather unusual and interesting such as fanciful silver iris brooch or engagement ring clustered with uncut diamond forms. The designer creates in collaboration with Ian Thompson in the Innovation Centre at Coleg Llandrillo. Plunge in the world of mechanisms. For example how do you like the accessory based on a camera lens aperture mechanism? In such collections everyone will find something interesting! Read More »

Sophistication and Luxury in Jewelry Collection by Ron Rizzo

Ron Rizzo presents the kind of jewelry you have never seen before. The main idea of the precious collection is the redesign and rethought of the diamonds which are used in the each model.

White, Cognac, and Black Diamonds, Platinum-Sterling Silver

The talented designer who found his vocation and real passion in the jewelry industry uses a patent pending technique creating the unique items from the mix of gold, silver and platinum and the best diamond of different shapes, sizes and colors. This makes his masterpieces look chic, elegant and noble. Ron Pizzo gives a new breath to the luxury. The innovative design and bright inspired ideas make these jewels recognizable. This is the collection deserving the high society. Read More »

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection Will Be Auctioned At Christie’s

Great people sometimes are great in many things. One of the world’s most known actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age Elizabeth Taylor was passionate not only with her vocation but also with her striking jewelry, especially those with diamonds. Jewels were a big part of her life, they were her friends, and Elizabeth even wrote a book under the title My Love Affair with Jewelry. And now Christie’s auction is holding with Liz Taylor’s complete jewelry collection valued at $30 million.

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection contains about 300 items; there are many really fantastic among them. Some and the brightest were presented as the gifts by her loving husband. The zest of the collection is a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond ring with a ruby which is the most perfect ruby ever known to mankind as the actress said. Other luxury brands in the collection are Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. These chic and amazing diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, rings, necklaces and a tiara will catch your attention for a long time because these are really great gems of a great woman! Read More »

Iconic Jewelry: Perfect Masterpieces from Panthère de Cartier

The Cartier jewelry house is famous for its noble and amazing creations which allure by their mysterious beauty, top quality, subtle power of the stones used and precious materials, and of course the fantastic inspiration of the masters. The collection Panthere de Cartier rivets the eyes and simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. The gems included in it are gorgeous and fabulous.

Panthere brooch, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx by Cartier

Crafted from white and yellow gold with different luscious stones they were inspired by the artist and goldsmith, a woman who was the muse for the master of Cartier house. Her silhouette was like the panther’s one. So this charming collection is a symbol of admiration because of the enigmatic power, indomitable predator and seductive temptation. The dangerous beauty of the Panthere de Cartier hypnotizes! Read More »

Extraordinary Rings from the Artists Studio by Green Karat

It’s always nice to see interesting ideas of bridal jewelry. Many unusual solutions offered by Green Karat. This company is known for activity for the reduction of precious metals mining and calling on people to take to recycling all needless jewelry, pottery and other items made of precious metals.

Binary Wedding Band by Green Karat

Bridal ring with personal binary encoded message deserves special attention among a collection of wedding rings from this company. On the outside of the ring goes through five parallel tracks, each of which consists of 20 false or true symbols. Thus we have 20 columns, each of which consists of 5 bits. 5 bits can encode up to 32 characters. So if your alphabet is less than 32 symbols, you can make your loved one a message of up to 20 letters. There are many other interesting rings. Read More »

Tender Wedding Rings from Satomi Kawakita

Love and such great event as the wedding ceremony inspire people and give them power to create. We want to tell to you about Satomi Kawakita, a New York City based designer and goldsmith which is also a talented diamond setter. This master has her own style and great sense of beauty and charm which she strictly follows.

Diamond Band

The collection of the wedding rings by Satomi Kawakita features organic tenderness with flawless craftsmanship. Striking adornments with the unusual usage of the precious stones catch the breath. Satomi finds unlimited beauty in natural gems, minerals and metals creating her masterpieces with the help of the special approach. The materials used are platinum and several sorts of gold. Different sizes are available. Read More »

Comete: Supernatural Jewelry by Chanel

Luxury. In my view this is the most exact definition to the Comete collection by Chanel. We have already reviewed the gorgeous COCO collection by this world famous fashion house. And now the designers inspired by the beauty of the sparkling stars and miraculous constellations created this chic Comete collection which is intended to cover women with stars.

Comète Necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds

Chanel jewelry is crafted in the greatest tradition of French jewelry. Each piece of this wonderful collection is filled with purity, exceptional elegance and tenderness. Rings are crafted from platinum and 18K white gold. Some models are richly decorated with sapphire. These jewels will surely make any woman a queen. Diamonds are timeless, so is Chanel… Read More »

Fascinating Engagement Rings by Harry Winston

It all starts with the diamonds. This is the motto of Harry Winston brand. Inspired by the cleanness and sparkling charm of these beautiful gems the collection of the engagement rings appeared. It gives the feeling of the pure excitement which is just what is needed on the wedding ceremony. Looking at the rings one can say these are really rarest jewels.

HW Diamond Engagement Ring with Micropave

A Harry Winston designer puts the finishing touches on a masterpiece. Emeralds and diamonds are cut in different interesting shapes impressing and hypnotizing by the play of light. The designers try to combine perfect dimensions and proportions to create the unique beauty. By the way many Hollywood stars stand on the red carpet in the jewelry from this brand. Be sure the diamond-driven aesthetics will make such important day unforgivable. Read More »