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Pearl jewelry from every corner of the world.

Sea Treasures from Island Life Collection by India Hicks

India Hicks, a model, a writer and a happy wife and mother, recently tried herself in a new role of a jewelry designer. She presented her deeply personal collection called Island Life. This collection is made of sterling silver and diamonds and includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings with the sea inspired symbols. The designer who lives on the island with her family greatly appreciates such style of life.

Nautlis Diamond Pendant and Pearl & Branch & Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver

Silver shells, funny fishtails and cute sea stars express the playfulness and joy of the beach life. The jewelry pieces from India bring the sense of total freedom and harmony with the nature. With these gems a snip of the dreamy wonderful world of serenity will always be with you. Read More »

Jewelry Pieces Inspired With the Beauty of Stones and Pearl by YSL

Sometimes the designer’s imagination doesn’t have any limits. Yves Saint Laurent, a brand famous all over the world for its breathtaking designs, always surprises the connoisseurs. The peculiarity of jewelry collection by YSL is the unusual usage of semi precious stones and pearls. Each item, either necklace or earrings and ring, is made of silver- or gold-tone metal and the gem or the combination of stones.

Medium cuff in aventurine and agate with gold-tone metal

A wide range of stones used in these masterpieces are known not only for its beauty but also for their special qualities. Agate, amethyst, tiger-eye or jasper can express the character of its owner and the definite mood. Finished in perfect proportions and with the certain idea the jewels look very stylish and contemporary. Of course such pieces of jewels single out a modern woman who follows her senses and captivates others with her assurance and elegance. Read More »

Contemporary Pearl Jewelry by Mikimoto

Bright and lustrous, pearl jewelry by Mikimoto company is one of the most famous gem made of this sea spice all over the world. The designers focus their attention to every phase of creating this elegant jewelry from the mysterious birth in the shell. All the pearls are carefully sorted and match perfectly.

Frost White South Sea Earrings

The collection combines modern unusual style with timeless sophistication. Either earrings or necklaces are the interesting and intricate concept. Mikimoto contemporary jewelry combines quality, design and craftsmanship. The designer’s imagination makes it versatile and pointing out purity and innocence. No doubt that this collection will become an ideal decoration being the perfect balance of eternal elegance and modern daring features. Read More »

Adorable Мother’s Day Jewelry by Tous

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May. This day is an excellent opportunity to impress your mother with a gift. Honestly, do we need a reason to make a gift to mom? Whole our life is a reason to make such gifts.

For Mom Mother´s Day 2011 adaptable pendant by TOUS, Sterling silver

Do you already have a gift idea? Tous produced an excellent collection of jewelry for Mother’s Day 2011. Gentle pendants, rings, bracelets and cuff are made of sterling silver or 18K yellow gold. Jewelry masterpieces engraved with various calling of the child to his mother and figures of boys and girls. Read More »

Crocheted Jewelry by Shingo Matsushita

It’s amazing! Shingo Matsushita creates his jewelry with crochet! He founded his jewelry business in 2003 after having already worked hairdresser and stylist. Design of collections by Shingo Matsushita does not have specific laws. These jewelry pieces with crocheted elements are full of sophisticated simplicity. Only few characteristic features like huge variety of colors and the absence of sharp corners.

Crocheted Bracelet by Shingo Matsushita, pearl, silk, silver

Fancy circles of various sizes reminiscent the ripples on the water. Elegant combination of pearls, silver and gold threads make this Jewelry really attractive. Exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces by Shingo Matsushita. Read More »

Limelight Garden Party – adorable spring collection by Piaget

In anticipation of spring jewelry house Piaget introduced a new collection called Limelight Garden Party. Best craftsmen of Piaget were inspired with the beauty of a blooming garden. Gorgeous masterpieces are made of 18K white gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. The collection is striking because of delicate combination of white and green colors.

PIAGET Limelight Garden Party white diamonds pink sapphires pink tourmalines white chalcedony and pearls

One of the highlights of the collection is an elegant cocktail ring in the form of a bird sitting on the edge of the pond. Another highlight of the collection is a luxurious necklace made with white diamonds, pink sapphires and tourmalines, white chalcedony and pearls it’s filled with the spirits of spring. Collection also contains graceful watches. Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

Pearls will be a luxurious token of love for your Valentine. Many monarchs kept lots of different pearls from every corner of the world as a mark of respect from their subjects and other kingdoms. Nowadays, you don’t need being a King to buy adorable pearls jewelry and surprise your beloved with the gift of a pearl. Before choosing, have a look at this timeless gift of pearl jewelry.

Valentine's Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

Valentine's Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

With adorable design and perfect quality at their essence, Mikimoto high quality cultured pearl jewelry was always desired. Thanks to high quality masters cultured pearls Mikimoto turn to delightful jewelry. Calmed by soft sounds of the sea, shined with Sun and Moon light, the pearls bringing pleasure and natural beauty. Read More »

Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day from Tiffany & Co.

Even the holidays with the longest history tends to eventually acquire a new look. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Presently Valentine’s Day has become much more democratic. Women on equal terms with men make a declaration of love. Not only enamored congratulate each other, but parents, children, friends, colleagues also do it. Now all involved in this holiday, so – time to choose gifts.

Jewelry is an exclusive gift which present to the main characters of this holiday, i.e. the beloved people.

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. offer so huge choice of Jewelry by the Valentine’s day what to choose a gift for darling this significant day completely not simply. However, all depends on your tastes and preferences therefore as without false modesty it is possible to notice that any Jewelry of this mark is already a declaration of love. Read More »

Hot Jewelry Trend for spring by London Manori

Several days ago London Manori said that Sterling Silver Is the Hot Jewelry Trend for Spring. First of all what is Sterling Silver? Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Actually it is the most popular silver today. Sterling silver doesn’t tarnish and require constant polishing. Returning to topic of our conversation, I would like to introduce you to some rings by London Manori. This collection called Dragons:

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Play with fire and ice

Play with fire and ice

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Look at these masterpieces made of 18k white and yellow gold with white pave diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds and Tahitian pearls. But Manori says that the jewelry trend for this spring is Sterling Silver. Time will show. Let’s look at women’s silver rings by London Manori: Read More »