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Jewelry made of gunmetal.

Dangerous Weapon for Beautiful Ladies by CW&T

One Brass Knuckle is a kind of jewel that can be called the odd one. It will be your own choice what to do with it. OBK looks really strange. The creative imagination of the designer tried to express the bold ideas in this creation.

OBK, One Brass Knuckle

The Knuckle is crafted from pure brass, stainless steel, gunmetal black or with a gold plated finish. The designers at CW&T use only the latest tools and processes to create their ideas in reality. As they say on their web-site OBK is “a jewelry the Swiss Army wished they had”. It can become really impressive and unusual accessory in your collection. Read More »

Eddie Borgo Woman Collection of Spring and Summer 2011

New York designer Eddie Borgo creates jewelry that combines street style and elements of punk culture with elegance and conciseness forms. Some people think that his jewelry look a bit informally, others see in his masterpieces influence of Rolling Stones.

7 Station Padlock Necklace by Eddie Borgo

Giovanna Battaglia has become a face of the spring/summer 2011 collection by Eddie Borgo. Giovanna is successful model and editor of the elite L’Uomo Vogue. Her elegance, attractiveness and manner of dress can attract with a first glance. The collection includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces that look pretty provocatively. Exciting jewelry designed for courageous and stylish women. Read More »

Men’s Gunmetal Jewelry Gift Ideas

Selection of gifts for a person with male nature can become a challenge. Maybe jewelry made of gunmetal will be sufficiently masculine? Gunmetal is a type of bronze originally used chiefly for making guns. Gunmetal is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water. These pieces from gunmetal looks like no other contemporary jewelry.

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Sophisticated jewelry like pieces of battle force will be an excellent trophy for men. Each of these masterpieces can be personalized by special note of love and appreciation that gets handed down through the generations. Nothing shows off his name, initials or monogram more than the polished gunmetal surface. Read More »