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Cobalt Bridal Rings for Men by Scott Kay

Men’s bridal jewelry made of unconventional metals is contemporary trend. We are already familiar with rings made of titanium and tungsten. Scott Kay offers Cobalt Wedding Ring Collections.

Cobalt Bridal Rings for Man by Scott Kay

Cobalt is a very interesting chemical element. Cobalt oxide was used in ancient Egypt, Babylon, China, for coloring glass and enamels in blue. In the 17th century steelmakers believed that the toxic smoke which is released during the roasting of some ores was a trick of Kobold (from the German Kobold – brownie, dwarf). Cobalt has been discovered by Swedish chemist Georg Brandt in 1735. Nowadays Cobalt is traditionally used to improve the mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of various alloys and tools. For the production of jewelry Scott Kay uses BioBlu™ 27 (non-magnetic cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy), the world’s most superior contemporary metal. Rings made of this metal are full of strength and beauty and they will be a strong symbol of eternal love for ever. The collection features eight different styles, each representative of different qualities. Read More »