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Graceful Bracelets by Simone I. Smith

We have recently reviewed Simone I Smith and her project called “A Sweet Touch of Hope”. But the designer’s talent is many-sided. Pay attention to the collection of the bracelets by this brand. Made of sterling silver and 14Kt. Gold these pieces of jewelry are created for modern strong women who appreciates assurance and style.

Infinite Love Cuff - Petite 14Kt Yellow Gold

The bracelets are notable for ergonomic silhouettes and interesting integration of metals. Some items are also available with diamonds. The designer created top-quality jewels that express refined elegance and at the same time fresh contemporary look at the fashion. Stylish and creative, these pieces of jewelry will be suitable adornments of a lady at any event. Read More »

Sweet Lollipops Full of Hope by Simone I. Smith

Jewelry pieces are created to gladden sight. Sophisticated combination of precious metals and stones made by skilled craftsmen of course will be very attractive. But since ancient times in many cultures were known birthstones. These stones were talismans corresponding to the time of birth. Talisman can enhance a person’s ability, attracts positive influences and protects the human of unwanted effects.

Garnet Lollipop - January Birthstone

Simone I. Smith offers a very special jewelry. “A Sweet Touch of Hope” project consist of two collections of pendants: Crystal Lollipops and Jeweled Enamel Lollipops. Pendants in the form of lollipops are made of sterling silver coated with 18K yellow gold and adorned with birthstones crystals or enamel. Mascots from these collections will not only help to protect you but also will help people with cancer. 10% of the purchase price is donated to the American Cancer Society. Read More »

Inspiring earrings by Simone I. Smith

LL Cool J’s wife Simone I. Smith has started her own line of jewelry. Breathtaking earrings are full of elegance and female curves. The excellent start for jewelry business.

Inspiring earrings by Simone I. Smith

These earrings will ideally look as at daily wearing and as delicate piece of evening dress. Despite the large size of earrings they will approach women of all ages except for young lady. Adorable earrings are made of 18kt. yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver, 18kt. rose gold some of them decorated with precious stones. Simone already has clients among celebrity including Regina King, Mary J. Blige and Shaunie O’Neal who’ve donned her earrings. Let’s look at hi-end earrings by Simone I. Smith. Read More »