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Unforgettable Ornament Tribal by Louis Vuitton

Keeping the traditions and customs under the pressure of contemporary civilization is not an easy task. Louis Vuitton is well known for his passion for travel and adventure. There are a whole set of jewelry collections inspired by traveling called “L’Ame Du Voyage”. One of these collections is based upon the journey to the heart of Africa and culture of the Maasai (or Masai) tribe.

Ornament Tribal Ring by Louis Vuitton, yellow gold, blue, yellow and pink sapphires, spessartite and tsavorite garnets, diamonds

The Maasai are semi-nomadic African tribe. In spite of the time and technology development Maasai have kept their traditions and customs up to this day. Prior recent times young Masai had to kill a lion to be eligible to become a warrior. Women have always have been important in the life of Maasai. They are easily distinguished by the bright clothes and beads. Ornament Tribal by Louis Vuitton is full of spirits of Africa and the Maasai. Crafted from precious materials these jewelry pieces will always be able to emphasize your uniqueness. Read More »