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Works of the British jewellery designer Kit Heath.

Joyful Bracelets Collection for Kids by Kit Heath

Kit Heath is famous for the jewelry made of sterling silver which underlines imaginative youthful design. Children often like to dream. Make fairy-tale closer with funny and cute bracelets from the talented designers. Any piece of jewel can become the perfect birthday present or christening gift.

Bon Bon Bracelet

Decorated with candies, stars, ducks or horses, dancing around the bracelets, they are full of childhood memories. Silver wristwear or bangle will make a little lady a real princess. Charm and lovely the pieces of jewels in Kit Hearth collections combine new and inspiring design. Bracelets are very beautiful; presenting as a gift they can pass on the parents’ tenderness to the children. Make your nearest and dearest happy with these creative and amusing jewels. Read More »

Sophisticated Rings from Spring 2011 Collection by Kit Heath

Spring it is a time when nature comes to life after hibernation. Something similar is happening in fashion. Not so long ago we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the autumn collection of rings from Kit Heath. Barely six months as this jeweler presented a spring collection of jewelry masterpieces.

Gold Pebble Trickle Trio Ring by Kit Heath 2011

These rings are made of sterling silver is even more graceful so everyone will enjoy with. As before, some of them decorated with gems that accentuate their elegance. Given the fact that sterling silver is now in vogue and price of these rings is not the highest I think they will be very popular. Read More »

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

In the autumn of 2010 Kit Heath has presented a new collection of rings. Stunning sterling silver rings show art skill and graceful beauty. Among these rings everyone will find a gift both for himself and for darling. Knowingly Kit Heath is considered one of the most recognized sterling silver jewellery brands in the UK.

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath

Let’s look at luxurious rings from sterling silver and semi-precious stones with a magnificent facet. Read More »