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Unique jewelry by Kara Ross.

Petra Collection by Kara Ross

Kara Ross continues to surprise everyone with her art of jewelry. Your eyes probably stopped more than once at minimalist vibe and architectural look of Gemstone Collection. By the way, there was also Gemstone Collection 2. Or maybe you were impressed by the play of colors and lights in Fine Jewelry collection by Kara Ross? Now meet the Petra Collection.

Petra Collection by Kara Ross

Petra collection by Kara Ross is still covered by veil of mystery, because at this moment I can’t find any detailed information. It was presented to the public at the Las Vegas Couture Show. Pieces of new collection are created with 18K gold, diamonds, and various precious and semiprecious stones. Pay attention to the perfect combination of raw and cut stones. Read More »

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Jewelry collection from Kara Ross

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for consumers and for the creators to update jewelry collections. Jewelry pieces by Kara Ross have unique design combined with the natural beauty of stone. Coral become the main component in her new collection devoted to Saint Valentine’s Day.

Kara Ross never ceases to amaze with her creations. Main feature of new collection is Coral Drusy. Raw corals will easily attract people’s attention. Black resin and gold perfectly complement the color scheme of these jewelry pieces. Price of these jewels ranges from $100 to $300. Read More »

Astonishing Fine Jewelry From Kara Ross

Kara Ross, a professional gemologist and talented designer, is passionate about different precious stones and their combinations from her childhood. Famous for creative use of gems and skins this designer creates the unique and exclusive adornments which impress by the play of colors and lights. Kara’s favourite materials are maple wood, gold, sterling silver, coral and a wide range of stones among which are amethyst, emerald, diamonds and so on.

Raw Love – Cobalt calcite heart pendant with 18K gold and diamond accent from Kara Ross

All jewels are handcraftedcrafted and are of high quality with the attention to the details. They look very curious and unusual. Such gems are not what you used to see and this fact is the great advantage. Bold ideas are expressed in each item, in the interesting color combinations and intricate lines. Read More »

The Gemstone 2 collection from Kara Ross

Kara Ross has presented second Gemstone collection. Adorable faceted rings in original architectural style do not look like anything else. Large but graceful bracelets will look perfect even on the most delicate wrists. Breathtaking earrings with strong and sophisticated silhouettes will be a charming addition to the clothes with same silhouettes.

Kara Ross Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Unique design ideas from Kara Ross always transcend trends and seasons. Masterpieces of the Gemstone 2 collection can be divided into three groups: turquoise, red coral and mother-of-pearl. All jewelry pieces are made with sterling silver and 18k gold some of them decorated with coral, sapphires, and mother of pearl. Read More »

The luxury Gemstone Collection by Kara Ross

Kara Ross is own brand of jewelry designer Kara Ross. Mainstream of Kara Ross is jewelry, but this brand is also boasts stylish accessories, including handbags and leather belts. I would say “precious accessories” because they are decorated with expensive jewels and precious metals.

The Gemstone Collection by Kara Ross

The Gemstone Collection by Kara Ross

Despite the fact that this collection is not a new one I would like to say a few words about it. The Gemstone Collection by Kara Ross is a thin line between jewelry and daily accessories. It cannot be called fanciful and glamorous. Instead it’s full of “minimalist vibe and architectural look”.  The world of jewels is not always changing, but as a result of new technological influences we can meet such perfect innovation. Let’s see: Read More »