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Playful Luxury from Oui collection by Dior

“Oui” means “yes” from French. By the way this word is the most popular in different languages. People like to agree, this brings harmony and happiness. Feel the joy with the delightful Oui Collection by Dior. The jewels from this collection are not simple but fabulous. They are so unusual and bright that this makes the mind surprise.

Oui Ring in White Gold by Dior

The creator of the jewelry is Victoire de Castellane, the muse of Karl Lagerfeld and former top-model. She uses white, yellow and pink gold and different precious stones in her earrings, necklaces and rings. But the uniqueness of the jewelry pieces by Dior is not in the dimensions and quantity of the stones but in the art of craftsmanship, combination of various materials and the great number of bold and creative ideas. Oui Collection is inspires by the beauty of the flowers and certainly such jewels will underline the tenderness of the real ladies. Read More »

Amazing colors of Diorette rings

Welcome to Diorette – magnificent garden of jewelry by Dior. Stunning colors and spirit of summer is just a little part of this collection. Christian Dior transformed the beauty of nature into pieces of jewelry. These masterpieces made of 18K gold and decorated with sapphires, diamonds, garnet, aquamarine and others precious stones.

Amazing colors of Diorette

Amazing colors of Diorette

By giving one of the pieces of this collection you will leave the memory of yourself in the heart of a loved one forever. Every woman should wear at least one piece from Diorette, in spite of the fact that this jewelry is not exactly affordable. Read More »