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Infinity of happiness: Happy 8 by Chopard

Chopard jewelry is one of the most exciting exhibits at BASELWORLD 2012. The figure 8 becomes a source of inspiration for artists from world famous brand. Throughout history and many different cultures, 8 has always been seen as a good omen, a token of balance, completeness and prosperity: the promise of happiness tinged with an aura of infinity.

The ideal curves, richness and power of the figure 8 have inspired us to create a collection where the infinity purity of the lines echoes that of the materials in a subtle association between diamonds and white gold. In these watches and pendants, the spirit of Happy Diamonds is ever present through the free-spirited play of the precious gems, while the curves of the 8 find a stylistic echo in the interlacing circles. Metaphorical infinity thus becomes a dazzling embrace, guided by a universal lucky sign. Read More »

Exquisite Gifts for Valentine’s day, let Chopard be your Messenger of Love

Each year on Valentine’s Day Chopard offers something special. Works of this jewelry house has always been above any praises and their ideas do not cease to amaze. There is a tradition – to give valentines. This romantic message is often sent anonymously. Chopard offers a service which allows you to compose and send a messege of love.

A collection of jewelry devoted to Valentine’s Day 2012 from Chopard consists of six elements. Happy heart watch is contemporary, urban, sophisticated, exuberant timepiece. Chopardissimo pendants, rings and earrings will easily draws into the enchanting Chopard universe. Temptation ring from a Haute Joaillerie Collection with luscious colors and delicious shapes. And even Heart sunglasses which are embellished by a heart-shaped ornament, symbol of love. Read More »

The Happy Mickey Collection – Disney Style Jewelry by Chopard

The childhood is embodied with the imposing cartoon world of Walt Disney for lots of us. Chopard, the Swiss based chic brand of jewelry and watches, is also fond of this movie production giant. Expanding the line of the famous Happy Diamonds this luxury company created the incredible line called Happy Mickey. As you have already understood the collection of the accessories is devoted to the marry hero of the cartoon known all over the world.

Chopard made The Happy Mickey collection using 18-carat white, rose or yellow gold featuring moving diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The amazing line including playful earrings, stylish watches, fun pendants and unusual necklaces is quite suitable for the young, for those who are daring enough to fill the life with the magic colors of Mickey world. With these jewels a bit of childhood will appear in your daily life. Read More »

Perfection of Jewelry Art – The Animal World by Chopard

We have already reviewed several jewelry collections by Chopard. And now it is high time to find yourself in the wonderful world of beautiful, charming and dream like animals with the help of Animal World by this brand. Faithful to the conception of brightness and vividness Chopard presented the jewels striking by its elegance and chic.

Perfection of Jewelry Art

This new world was dreamed by the designers to celebrate Chopard’s 150 years. A bit childish these gems breathe with happiness and cheerful mood. The wonderful and lively jungles consist of a great variety of animals including rather unusual. The materials are also unexpected, among them are quartz, kunzites, red gold, titanium etc. The exceptional beauty, rare stones, amazing combination of the colors and high quality are that what impress in the Animal World. Read More »

Pink Floral Watches by Chopard

Chopard’s Watchmakers have presented four new models from Happy Sport collection. These elegant ladies watches are inspired by summer. Each masterpiece from “La vie en rose” is the embodiment of carefree mood, bright colors, glamorous and femininity. This watch has a unique charm thanks to the famous mobile diamonds.

18-carat white gold, 18-carat rose gold, rose sapphires, diamonds, moving rose sapphires and moving diamonds

Women who like shades of pink in their appearance will be pleasantly surprised by the exquisite combination of pink from the bezel set with pink sapphires, to the rose mother-of-pearl dial and with a matching satin strap! Even the dial is decorated with rose flower. Timepieces are made of stainless steel, 18K gold, sapphires and diamonds. If you are thinking about buying one of La vie en rose then you should hurry because their quantity is limited. Read More »

The Red Carpet Collection by Chopard

Chopard Company, which is known as the official partner of the Cannes International Film Festival, really impresses by the gorgeous collection called Red Carpet. The designers are inspired by chic and brightness of the stars that shines on this event. Every detail should be perfect during the breathtaking moments on the red carpet.

The Red Carpet Collection by Chopard

Chopard jewelry is famous for its creativity and energy. Bright and vivid, full of all colours of joy these gems certainly draw everyone’s attention. Each jewel is unique due to the crystals used. Bu the way Caroline Scheufele, Co–President and Artistic Director of Chopard, redesigned the famous and prestigious trophy Palme d’Or awarded to the prize-winning film. She created an extremely beautiful image: delicately curved 18ct gold stem with a small heart at its base. Needless to say that with the jewelry from Red Carpet collection a success at any party is guaranteed! Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2011 with Chopard

Just look at this magnificent Valentine’s Day collection by Chopard. They presented an exclusive collection of jewelry: pendants, earrings, rings and ceramic watches. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, the vice-president and creative director of Chopard, has told that the collection reflects true spirit of a season and is capable to excite fans of jewelry from every corner of the world. Because of limited edition this jewelry are certainly can be considered as exclusive.

Valentine's Day 2011 with Chopard

Valentine's Day 2011 with Chopard

Special edition of Happy Sport watch by Valentine’s Day are equipped by a white rubber thong and noted with a love symbol – heart from white gold with 3 moving diamonds. Read More »