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Cartier Weaponry by Diddo

Jewelry weapons by Diddo can become the kind of the most sophisticated weapon you can have. The designer breaks the limits and goes against the rules. He tries to define the border between perception and reality. Certainly we don’t guarantee these adornments will be useful for you but they really provoking.

Shock your girlfriend by the grenade with the Cartier ring as the safety pin. But be careful! This may become the most dangerous joke in your life. Another whimsical and weird item in the “Jewelry Weapons” concept by Diddo is charming wedding band with the bludgeon on the chain. With such ideas your gift can become very impressive item. Read More »

Juste Un Clou – New Elements of the Famous Collection by Cartier

Iconic collection of 70th is back in vogue. Items of this collection are look like bent nails that are made of gold and decorated with diamonds. Rings and bracelets are the embodiment of the rebellious spirit of the 1970s and self-reliance.

These nails cannot help you with woodworking, but these precious masterpieces can make you unforgettable. Cartier jewelers tried their best to create these simple but striking items. Women’s jewelry pieces made of white, pink or yellow gold and stylized under dangerous nails looked very attractive. Read More »

Iconic Jewelry: Perfect Masterpieces from Panthère de Cartier

The Cartier jewelry house is famous for its noble and amazing creations which allure by their mysterious beauty, top quality, subtle power of the stones used and precious materials, and of course the fantastic inspiration of the masters. The collection Panthere de Cartier rivets the eyes and simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. The gems included in it are gorgeous and fabulous.

Panthere brooch, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx by Cartier

Crafted from white and yellow gold with different luscious stones they were inspired by the artist and goldsmith, a woman who was the muse for the master of Cartier house. Her silhouette was like the panther’s one. So this charming collection is a symbol of admiration because of the enigmatic power, indomitable predator and seductive temptation. The dangerous beauty of the Panthere de Cartier hypnotizes! Read More »

Gift Ideas: Six Stylish Accessories from Cartier

We have just finished celebrating the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is almost here. In addition to these holidays there are plenty of others. And besides the holidays there are a lot of reasons to make a gift. If the gift is from the famous brand then it will make a good impression, especially if it’s a souvenir from Cartier.

Cartier Logotype Decor USB Memory Card

Each of these six charming accessories is palladium finish and decorated with Cartier logo. 4GB USB memory card will always help you to save and transfer valuable information and stylish desktop clock will help to keep up with the times. For other accessories you also can find good use. Read More »

Gem-Set Wedding Bands made of Gold by Cartier

Louis-Francois Cartier has been attracted by jewelcrafting from childhood. Since the beginning of its existence Cartier jewelry considered to be a true sign of luxury, prestige and high quality. Crafted by top artisans using precious metals and precious stones masterpieces from Cartier are not just jewelry they are works of art.

18K pink gold wedding ring set with a diamond by Cartier

Cartier wedding rings were worn by the most famous and wealthy people of the planet. This sophistication, restraint and elegance that can be felt only wearing one of these rings on your own finger. Read More »

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

You want to gift your beloved with something luxurious and adorable this Valentine’s Day? Take notice of the breathtaking rings from LOVE Collection by Cartier.

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

LOVE Collection has appeared in the time of popularity of minimalism. And in a trice has turned in real love story thanking Liz Taylor and Richard Barton, Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti. Jewelry pieces of LOVE collection demonstrate the perfect beauty of minimalist designs. High-tech design of LOVE collection originates in the rapid art quest of 1960th years. Screw is the central element of an ornament of LOVE Collection. Certainly it’s only art similarity, not the real screw. All pieces of this jewelry collection are made of platinum, white, yellow and pink gold, white brilliants, pink sapphires and onyx. Read More »