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Música by Carrera Y Carrera: The Collaboration of Subtlety and Luxury

We have already drawn your attention on some brilliant collections crafted by the famous Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera. Now it is high time to present its Musica collection. The title speaks for itself because all the items in this line is devoted to and inspired by music.

Danza Brooch in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

The music motives are passionate and sensual so close to the traditional Spanish culture. In this collection the designers from Carrera y Carrera stayed faithful to their philosophy of creating the models so special and unique which would distinguish this jewelry house from the others. The designers used only the finest materials among which are the white and yellow gold, diamonds, pearls, quartz, nacres etc. One more masterpieces by the guru! Read More »

Cupid and Other Angels in Angelitos Collection from Carrera Y Carrera

The angelic theme is in vogue on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Of course Valentines and hearts are also in fashion due this time. This pleasant and romantic holiday is good time to reveal your feelings. Carrera Y Carrera offers a dive into the world of angelic luxury. This collection of masterpieces is not new but appropriate to the subject matter of the holiday.

Yellow gold

Angelitos collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces made of yellow and white gold. Some of them are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. “The Angel, symbol of goodness, beauty and love, has throughout history served as a central theme in all forms of artistic expression.” Read More »

Mediterraneo: Tribute to Contemporary Women by Carrera y Carrera

We have already presented to your attention wonderful Granada collection and Bestiario collection by one of the most famous Spanish jewelry brands Carrera Y Carrera. But the masters of this fashion house don’t stop to admire us. Amazingly beautiful Mediterraneo collection of jewels is devoted to the modern woman, independent and feminine at one and the same time.

Atenea Neckalce in White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds from Mediterraneo by Carrera Y Carrera

Carerra Y Carerra compares her with the nymph who lives at the sea near the Spanish coastline exploring and admiring the power and charm of the water element. All pieces of the collection are made of either yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds. These expressive adornments are full of passion and look very bright and creative. Undoubtedly the fantastic style chosen by the designers of the brand will give a pure excitement about the rarest jewelry to everybody! Read More »

Exquisite Masterpieces from Granada Collection by Carrera Y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish leading jewelry brand, has been astounding the connoisseurs for already lots of years. Their jewelry items are known for the innovative design lines and bold bright decisions in style. Granada is a charming collection which consists of rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces. All pieces are made of gold interestingly combined with onyx or diamonds.

Arcos De Granada Ring in White gold, onyx and diamonds

The mesmerizing beauty of Granada is intended for those who really appreciate elegance and charm. It may even seem that these seductive adornments have a definite tinge of mystery concealing in the black chasm of onyx. Granada will become the right choice for women who want to surprise themselves and catch the attention of others. Read More »

Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera

You will not have to tame these predators. Masters of Carrera Y Carrera have done it for you. Masterpieces are made of gold, silver and precious stones. Giraffe, crocodile, eagle, elephant, leopard, tiger and snake – each of these animals are endowed with special meaning. For example the tiger is a symbol of royalty, majesty and beauty. Almost in all of the ancient civilizations the snake was a symbol of intuition, seduction and temptation. The eagle is the king of all birds and it symbolizes dignity, spiritual strength and good luck. There is no doubt that elephant, crocodile, leopard and giraffe also have a special meaning.

Crocodile Brooch in yellow gold from Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera

Do you already have favorite animal? Perhaps you can find it in the Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera. Read More »