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Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner – Diamond Encrusted Game for the Real Monopolists

This board game in the genre of the economic strategy was very popular in the XX century in many countries around the world. Pemberton & Milner has created a Monopoly game that costs £100,000. Pemberton & Milner is a leading corporate and private commission leather goods company.

In Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner traditional playing pieces will be replaced with symbols of military subjects of Great Britain. Luxury game has solid silver pieces and other elements of the game are decorated with diamonds and gold. 15% of money earned from sales of the game will be donated to: The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, RAF Benevolent Fund. There is also a cheaper version of Military Monopoly from Pemberton & Milner. Read More »

Exceptional Jewelry Pieces Made of Wood from Bojt Studio

Stylish and exceptional jewels are not only those that are made of the various precious metals. Bojt Studio offers the collection of simple and at the same time elegant bentwood rings devoted to people who love unusual craftsmanship and fresh ideas of using the natural materials. The designers from this studio specialize in Scandinavian tradition of bending wood techniques. All models are hand-crafted and carefully polished revealing their beauty.

Now Bojt Studio has more than 100 rings in stock ready to ship. Dark and light, massive and subtle these jewels will suit to everyone. Your ring will be beautiful and strong as though being new in case of proper care. The designers uses the natural oils of the wood are extracted and replaced with a polymer. Enjoy the natural art! Read More »

Spiced Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver from Sara Hood

Yellow mustard seed, cardamom, dill seed, peppercorn, saffron and nutmeg – all these spices are key ingredients for Spice series. This idea belongs to Sarah Hood. She loves jewelry, precious metals and gems, but at the same time loves the unusual combination of these materials with natural components. Sarah Hood invents her works without using paper and sketches. Her main tool is imagination.

sterling silver, glass bottles, whole spices (dill seed, fennel seed, saffron, yellow mustard seed, cardamom

Sarah Hood has an engineering degree and a Ph.D. in the humanities. Also she enjoys studying Buddhism and Tibetan language in addition to jewelry. All these jewelry can be found on her website. Read More »

Eco-friendly Jewelry from Redwood Collection by Mr. Lentz

Natural plants do not look worse than precious stones. I would like to pay attention to the jewelry with nature inside, despite the fact that winter gloom is now here. These amazing rings and necklaces are made from wood and herbs. They impress us with latitude of designer ideas and surprised by how easy the beautiful can look like.

Jewelry pieces from Redwood collection are inspired by the Redwood forests of Northern California. Each item is one of a kind and contains a piece of nature. The designer calls himself a modern cowboy of wood design, jewelry concoction, and creation of devices and inspiration meant to share with others. The entire collection available at Mr. Lentz online store, prices will pleasantly surprise you. Read More »

Shocking Jewelry Pieces in Barbie Style by Margaux Lange

Barbie is an icon of style among toys. This world-famous brand is well known to everyone. Margaux Lange created amazing and shocking collection of jewelry. Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection is one of a kind. Rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made of silver and parts of dolls. Lange received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2001.

Every Barbie is the ideal of beauty and style and it’s hard to find more fashionable character among dolls. According to Margaux Lange, in childhood Barbie dolls were extremely significant in fueling her creative life. Perhaps pieces from this collection can remind you your favorite toys. Read More »

Earrings made of silver and cement by Metsa

Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry among the emperors of Egypt. The astonishing fact is that earrings were originally invented for men in ancient Asia about 7000 years ago. Today there are a huge number of different types of earrings. Pearl studs are one of the classic models of past centuries. The Canadian company Metsa offered an extraordinary idea.

Cement Pearls by Metsa

Cement Pearls – earrings made of sterling silver and cement. The use of cement made it possible to change earrings in time, because it is influenced by weather conditions. Cement Pearls as well as Concrete rings opens the door to new ideas and materials in the world of beauty and jewelry. Read More »

Sundial Ring or How to Tame The Time

Time is just a part of the measuring system used to sequence events or something more? It’s hard to imagine a modern man without a technical device that displays the time. Popularization of mobile phones led to a decrease in demand for watches. But sometimes you can forget it at home or battery can discharged at the worst possible moment.

Sundial Ring

In this case, the only way out is to find the sun and use a Sundial Ring, invented many centuries ago. All you need is to catch a sunbeam with a small hole on the inner rotating ring. A ray of light will indicate the current hour. Read More »

Multitasking Pendant from Michiel Cornelissen

Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen offers wonderful combination of tool and symbol. A bit cross is bronze infused, stainless steel pendant. But it is not simply pendant in shape of a cross. Tips of the cross are an indispensable tool in everyday life.

A bit cross by michiel cornelissen

Bit sizes are based on actual tool bits, including an IKEA standard tool – handy for those touch up jobs you never get around to. Pendant is made of bronze infused stainless steel and can be used for light jobs. Michiel Cornelissen graduated from the Delft University of Technology. Among his works there are a lot of interesting things deserving your attention. Read More »

Sophisticated Silver Ware from Philippe Cramer

Continuing to introduce Philippe Cramer and his creations we want to draw your attention to his Silver Ware collection of interior accessories. The collection consists of candlesticks, vases, plates, cups and votives. All items are made of sterling silver which gives them elegant and stylish look. By the way it is Cramer’s favourite material, and he pays a great attention to the procedure of creating his pieces.

Sils vase by Phippe Cramer Limited

Philippe Cramer is one of the only designers in the world to use modern perspective in silver manufacturing. He follows his concept of harmony and simplicity that is why there are no fanciful lines and shapes in Silver Ware, but it delights with its purity and cleanliness. We can’t help mentioning that this line of accessories can make the house more sophisticated and the atmosphere inside more romantic. Read More »

Dangerous Beauty: Femme Fatale – Ring Gun

Danger and beauty often go together. We already wrote about Poison Ring which can be used as storage for poison. But jewelry design idea knows no boundaries. Pay attention to the wonderful idea – to combine the ring and a gun. Such gadget can make you the envy of James Bond.

Femme Fatale Ring Gun

In fact, you should be careful when choosing such rock jewelry. This can cause problems with the law and who knows how much is it safe to use. But one way or another ring is good enough as a gift for adult person. I could not find the creator of this model. But if you want you should look for both – goldsmith and gunsmith. Read More »