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Jewellery manufactured as ornamentation for the masses to complement a particular fashionable garment or “costume”.

The Story of a Jeweler: Birte Soellner

Birte Soellner is a goldsmith and jewelry designer based in Leipzig, Germany. Her collections are designed and handmade in her studio. She combines steel and leather to create contemporary and fashionable jewelry pieces. With that unusual material mix and the fresh design she captured the modern aesthetic of the last few years.

The necklaces play with flexibility, as a natural character of the material steel, and softness as the quality of leather. Each cuff is made of a single piece of steel sheet, rigorously folded and finally connected with a leather strap. Birte´s works are available in many different natural tones. Read More »

Eyebrow Jewelry from Chanel Autumn/Winter 2012-13 Show

The art of jewellery has appeared long time ago. Earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, anklets and even piercing jewelry have been created in various designs, using different materials. But there is still room for imagination and creativity in the jewelry. Visitors of Chanel Autumn Winter 2012 show were surprised by unusual makeup of the models.

Designers from the legendary House of Chanel adorned the faces of the models with Eyebrow jewelry. Peter Phillips in collaboration with Maison Lesage created a collection of charming jewelry for the eyebrows. Such an unusual make-up was presented during the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2012-13 in Paris. Each pieces of eyebrow jewelry is carefully handcrafted of natural semi-precious stones and crystals, pearls and sequins, which are applied directly to the natural brow line, significantly expanding it and making it more geometrical. Read More »

Bandada: Jewelry as a Balance between the Expression and Functionality

Bandada is the name of our work group, a young brand of jewelery created in Barcelona in 2008. We want to merge our experience in jewelery with product and graphic design. We are Ana María Ramírez and Adriana Díaz H.

We use silver and gold to produce our jewelry and also explore with materials as wood, melamine and others. From Bandada we think in each design as a project. We start from an idea that ends in a product, thinking during the process in users, materials, processes, packaging, and the exhibition. Read More »

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry from DelicaTess

Tess is a 26 year old designer, originally from the Netherlands, and responsible for DelicaTess. Currently she and her husband are living in Kobe, Japan for 2 years. In DelicaTess you can find exclusive handmade one of a kind jewelry, made with items artisan finds everywhere and anywhere, inspired by their shapes, looks and textures. Here’s a little story by Tess:

I am an interior design student, and all I had to do to finish my degree is complete 2 internships. So I jumped at the chance to move to Japan. I thought it would be exciting to do my internships overseas. And of course it is, but an internship wasn’t in the cards for me. It turned out to be very difficult to find a company that wants interns, especially since my Japanese is not fluent, most Japanese speak poor English, and an internship for more than a few days is not normal here. When I started to realize that my plans weren’t going to be realized, I had to Read More »

3D Printed Industrial Adornments from Jointed Jewels

Jointed Jewels represents a union of new and old, organic and industrial, functional and decorative. At the heart of the project is the intention to transform complex and separate elements into a new kind of whole. It started as an exploration of ball joints, commonly found in cars and hip replacements.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew had the idea of creating a ball joint -normally assembled with separate parts- as one single piece. Through the use of selective laser sintering she was able to literally make a ball inside a ball. Hence, the industrial connecter was transformed into an object of beauty and wonder. A clean and striking jewelry collection was created around this innovative concept. Read More »

Alluring Handcrafted Jewelry from The Shine Collection by Darlene Martin

Darlene Martin is creative director and product designer of Canadian Jewelry brand that offers exciting jewelry pieces. Bracelets and necklaces are really one of a kind. Each of the items is filled with inner meaning. For example focal glass in the centre of the Shine Necklace represents the Earth from Space at the precise moment the sun begins to emerge from behind it.

The Shine Collection is the premiere offering of Darlene Martin. It’s the product of thoughtful attention to detail, design and discerning quality. An array of Lave, Czech or Japanese glass, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and semi precious stones are intentionally used to communicate a Shine theme throughout. Each piece of luxury statement jewelry in the collection is timeless and made to last a lifetime. Read More »

Modern Animal Jewelry from The Rogue And The Wolf

How do you imagine the modern jewelry? Very creative designers from the UK have an interesting offer. The Rogue And The Wolf are modern and exciting creations by two independent designers and makers with two heads full of ideas and a heart full of love for wild things. They enjoy using the latest technologies to see how far they can push them, and sharing beautiful and quirky creations along the way.

The Rogue And The Wolf offers ultra modern rings and pendants. All of these amazing items 3d printed in nylon or stainless steel. Crafted in the form of wild animals they immediately catch the eye. Modern dandies should think about buying a couple of these items. Read More »

Extraordinary and Beautiful Solder Free Jewellery from Alice Menter

Soldering is one of the most common ways of joining metals when creating jewelry. Alice Menter is a UK designer and she offers jewelry crafted without soldering. Nuts, screws, zippers and chain – forms of all these elements are elegantly collaborate with designer ideas.

Cuffs, earrings, neckleces and bracelets from Alice Menter allow to take a fresh look at the style of each person and inspiring to create a new appearance. Alice gained a first class BA Hons degree at Middlesex University in contemporary jewelry design. Her techniques are really interesting and unique. Read More »

Jewelry with Egyptian Symbolism from Low Luv x Erin Wasson

American fashion model Erin Wasson has her own line of jewelry Low Luv. She even took part as a model in an advertising campaign of her brand. At first glance these pieces may seem a little bit aggressive. But it has some merit. Such adornments look particularly impressive on the elegant female curves.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson consists of rings, layered chains, heavy bracelets and earrings. Gold or silver plated items may seem too large but size is one of the features of the collection. All items are made in antique style. Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen wear jewelry from Erin Wasson. Read More »

Unusual and Unique Jewelry and Accessories from Branimir Souc

Vi by Brana offers a stunning jewelry made of plastic and rubber. Beautiful and unique jewelry do not have to be made from expensive materials. Precious material is not the main component. Designer Branimir Souc born in Yugoslavia (Serbia), graduated on Russian Film Institute in 1994 as a film director. Despite the cinematic education he became a jeweler. Self developed technology and machinery for working with plastics. Row, melted material is formed practically in the air and by hands.

Branimir Souc creates jewelry using a self developed technology and machinery for working with plastics. Row, melted material is formed practically in the air and by hands. Due to this technology all jewelry are one of a kind. Read More »