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Jewellery manufactured as ornamentation for the masses to complement a particular fashionable garment or “costume”.

Verdigris Patina from Dime Store Emporium

I think old-fashioned elegance is the brightest characteristic for Verdigris Patina by Dime Store Emporium. But the amusing thing is that these jewels perfectly fit in with the surrounding modern world. The designer is in constant search of ideas and inspiration, she often updates the line of the jewel models.

As you can notice the prevalent colors of Verdigris Patina are turquoise and malachite. Curious and funny little flowers, owls, birds, animals, stars and so on. Everyone can find something to himself. All of the items in this collection are both lead and nickel free. One more fact is that adornments from Dime Store Emporium take the place in TOP 10 of the most sold jewels on Etsy. Read More »

Christina Hendricks & Vivienne Westwood Palladium Jewelry – Get a Life Party

Amazing is the first word which the visitors of London Fashion Week use to describe the new Palladium jewelry collection from the well-known designer Vivienne Westwood. Her jewels create the whole style and the mood for the one.

You can wear quite a usual dress and even one necklace or tiara will make you the star of the event or the evening. Vivienne creates her masterpieces using rare metals so they catch attention by the uniqueness and refined elegance. Enjoy the miscellaneous and bold Palladium collection and you will find something that will stay in your heart. Read More »

Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 Jewelry by Aurelie Bidermann

Refined, pretty and interesting. This how the jewelry from the new Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 collection by the French designer Aurelie Bidermann can be described. Choose any you like to create unique bohemian style. The items from this collection seem to hold the warmth of the sun which is so rare during the cold seasons.

Aurelie Bidermann finds her inspiration in different sources being experienced in gemology. Her jewels stick in memory by the inimitable style and mood, they sometimes mix so different ideas. Warm and unusual the items from this collection can make your autumn and winter brighter. Read More »

Disney Jewelry Pieces from Mawi

Do you remember the fondling of our childhood, little funny Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie? The London designer Mawi decided to add a bit of childish dreams in our everyday life with her Disney collection. The expert in eclectic art she mixes the elegant style with such bold idea. Cute Minnie will certainly raise your mood.

Mawi likes to experiment creating aesthetic of contemporary style paired with traditional influences. Minnie’s pretty little ear silhouette is the obligatory part of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings with pearls. This unique collection is a kind of homage to one of our favourite cartoon. Read More »

Space Invaders and Other Geeky Jewelry by Milkool

Ran is an artisan from Israel and he offers awesome jewelry pieces. He draws inspiration from sources such as Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, X-Men, Minecraft, Space Invaders, The Big Bang Theory, Portal and much more. All of the pieces of jewelry are original and designed by Ran, so that you will not find them anywhere else.

Milkoll is a name of the shop where you can find hand made and laser cut jewelry by Ran. He is working in the family workshop and has access to industrial tools with which you can cut basically almost any material known to man. Ran is taking a part in the Israeli Artists Team (ISART) on Etsy. Read More »

Dark Desires Collection from That’s Pretty

They say each of one has two sides: the bright and the dark one and both of them have their own desires. So why not to reveal the hidden dark desires a bit ahead of the Halloween which the world will celebrate so soon? That’s Pretty presents a new interesting, unusual and a bit scary collection of adornments dedicated to… blood.

Dark Desires Collection are for those who are not afraid to be eye-catchingly unignorable. Owning such audacious items you will get fantastic and realistic feeling of the Halloween. Choose skeletal torso or raven’s skull to amaze your friends and to change the traditional conception of beauty. Read More »

Jewellery from Studio Tord Boontje

Discover unusual beauty of the jewels from studio Tord Boontje! The designer creates his items inspired by nature and its miracles. We want to present some of his projects to your attention. Cherry Rocks will impress you by the mix of Swarovski crystals with such an unexpected material as cherry pips from Tord Boontje aunt’s garden. Such combination makes these jewels rather stylish and funny.

The Charming project will open the world of wonderful flowers and cute animals made of 18k gold or silver plated metal. Blossom Lace line is elegant and simple but there is no doubt it will attract attention. Tord Boontje manages to break the stereotypes combining different material, mixing acuity with softness appealing to our imagination. Read More »

Red Prey Jewelry & Accesories

Red Prey is a Mexican Jewelry & Accesorie line created and manufactured by Industrial Designer Marisol Lara. Since its creation in 2011 it has been very clear the direction it has taken: The Object, The Absort Person and The Depriving Element.

The juxtaposing of the elements to create a crude combination is what has defined it’s looks: From elements brought from their natural habitat, the okay of textures, transformations and combinations of process has made each piece unique and being their own protagonist. From metals like Silver and Gold to the use of many different minerals: Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, among others. Read More »

80’s Style Jewelry from Angle Dust

My interest in jewelry started while I was working as a web designer in Istanbul, Turkey. I started to draw jewelry pieces after work and learned the basics of the production process by myself. It was actually something that I did for myself but later on got the attention of the people around me and had so many comments that I should make a brand for it. This decision made a huge impact on my career. Everything went so fast, In a few months Angle Dust was selling in many shops in Turkey and Paris.

I quit my job and moved to New York to study jewelry design. Currently I’m studying at Fashion Institute of Technology. My collection is based on geometric shapes which reflect 80’s style. For this reason I started the production process with plexiglass which could provide the sense of joy and color of 80’s. It is always important for me to make each product flawless thus I make each product cut by laser machine perfect by filing the cut edges and processing in polishing machine. Read More »

Serra Arabacıoğlu and Merve Özaslan from Choke Jungle

We are Serra Arabacıoğlu and Merve Özaslan creators of the Turkish brand Choke Jungle founded in 2010. Our brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. Making something unique and peculiar is always crucial in design world, as a designer our goal is always combine artistic materials with daily basis accessory forms.

In ceramic, you never know where the final destination is going to be or is it ever coming out safe from the kiln. We love the unsureness of it, its always amaze you in a different way. Read More »