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Amazing Wedding Jewelry Sketches by Design Masters

If you decided to do probably one of the most important steps in your life and get married, the bridal ring is the thing necessary for you. Design Masters offer the line of the items which won’t be preferred by everyone but by those who are fond of the bold and bright ideas.

Designer Exclusive 14K Black Gold Pink Sapphire Duchess Trumpet Flower and Vine Ring

Every ring is made per customer special order and all your wishes will be taken into consideration. Design Masters Brand uses only top quality sorts of gold and diamonds of different sizes and colours. You can be sure that these rings will catch the attention to your happiness without any doubt. Read More »

Handcrafted Engagement Rings from Fernando Jewelry

If you decide to engage or get married and are thinking about custom-made unique and elegant engagement and wedding rings, the talented designer and metalsmith Luis Fernando Quintero will certainly help you. Crafted from recycled precious metals the items from Fernando Jewelry are eco-friendly.

Eco Engagement Ring

They look rather simple but pretty and each of them has its own special zest created due to the attention to each detail. The experience of the designer is really great and that helps him broadening his creative possibilities. Make the most important day of your life even more romantic with the rings by Fernando. Read More »

The Essence of Perfection in Jewelry by Michael B

Commitment to excellence. This is the motto of Michael B, the designer of the Turkish origin. In my opinion he succeeded. As for me I really enjoy the endless sophistication of Michael B collections. The jewels are made such finest materials as platinum, gold and diamonds mined in Russia.

Jewelry pieces from Michael B are suitable to become the elegant queen of the evening. Nothing odd, only perfect forms and the play of the diamond’s gleams. Each item by this brand is carefully handcrafted with the attention to the details using only the finest materials of high quality and rare production techniques. So the quantity of the pieces is limited. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Neta Wolpe

My name is Neta Wolpe and I am an Israeli born jeweler. I have been designing jewelry for over twenty years. Having studied both within Israel and at academies abroad I have had many opportunities refine my jewelry and design skills. I am inspired by the rich life and culture that surrounds me.

I was also strongly influenced by my mother who was an art teacher and crafter. As a child I was lucky enough to join her and her friends while they worked on their own projects such as sewing themselves dresses and bags. My participation in their creative process taught me the basics of design and instilled in me a love of art and self-reliance. Read More »

Exclusively Handmade Wedding Rings by Hava Lazar

Hava Lazar is Jerusalem based jewelry brand founded by husband and wife team who have been designing and making jewelry for over 30 years. Many new couples come to Hava Lazar to buy wedding bands because their parents bought their wedding bands in this shop. All these wedding rings exclusively handcrafted from white, yellow and rose recycled gold.

Artisans from Hava Lazar take inspiration from the nature, trees, stars and geometric shapes. They learned the art of jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing from the father of one of them. They use the traditional methods he taught them. Artisans make the whole process in their workshop, from the melting of the gold to get the exact color and karat till the last finishes. Read More »

Bridal & Seasonal Accessories from Portobello Jewelry

As a child I always wanted to become a fashion accessories designer as it brings me joy at heart. I’m inspired by nature with the blends of vintage and modern elements to produce chic, edgy and elegant styles. I’ve recently participated in the Oscar Celebrities Gift Lounge.

Portobello is an independant bridal head pieces and jewellery designer with chic, feminine and sophisticated appeal. Read More »

Perfect Engagement Rings from Hand Engraved collection from Vanna K

Every queen needs her crown – is a good motto for engagement rings company. Masterpieces from Vanna K jewelry will help you to conquer a beautiful woman’s heart. Inheriting the tradition and experience in fine jewelry through the generations Vanna K offers high quality engagement rings.

Engagement rings from Hand-Engraved collection hand-crafted by expert artisans from both 18 karat or platinum, and diamonds. Wedding jewelry pieces made by this brand are becoming more and more popular. Vanna K has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Jewelers’ Choice Award at the international JCK show in Las Vegas. Read More »

Truly Gorgeous Wedding Jewelry by Anjays Designs

First of all, my inspiration comes from my early childhood watching my father work hard in his jewelry store. I never knew I would grow up to be a jeweler, but found my artistic abilities and desire to create things led me up the same road. I also am intrigued and inspired by nature and all aspects of it.

As an artist in the jewelry business I feel comfortable using all the precious metals. Most of the materials I use are gold and platinum, although I can use just about any metal a custom prefers. I also use diamonds and semi-precious stones such as sapphire, rubies, emeralds, morganite, topaz and etc. Read More »

The Story About Close Friendship And A Love Of Art And Design – Artisan Impact

We are 3 partners. It all began when we met at the age of 14 in the arts high school where 2 of us studied sculpture, ceramics, drawing and design. We now design Sterling silver mixed gold Jewlery with natural stones, since 1991. Our studio is located in Israel. Four years ago, Ev moved to Canada and we transferred our marketing office to Montreal. We create in Israel and sell from Montreal.

We dedicate ourselves to our creativity and skills. We have developed techniques that resonate powerfully through our contemporary jewelry designs, with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a distinct look for each piece of jewelry. By working with sterling silver, gold and natural gemstones, we create an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs. The use of intricate filigree work in our designs also demonstrates the impact of different cultures of our work. What is also great about our jewelry is that it is for women and men any age, and we are accessible from and ship to anywhere on the planet. Read More »

Conscious Alternative to Precious Metal Jewelry: Wedding & Commitment Rings from Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Rhode Island School of Design and then graduated from The Gemological Institute of America. He founded his jewelry company in 1973. The main feature of jewelry from Etienne Perret is high-quality ceramic masterpieces with precious stones and diamonds.

Items from Wedding and Commitment Rings collection by Etienne Perret are made of Zirconia ceramic, which is said to be hard as sapphire and practically scratch and shatterproof. Some of the rings adorned with various precious stones. Etienne Perret Jewelry can be seen in the most famous stores around the world. Read More »