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Baby Jewelry from every corner of the world.

Nursing necklaces, teething necklaces and others natural jewelry by Eja Ejovna

Welcome to the world of the fashion for the young mothers and their little children! With nursing necklaces and teething necklaces you can enlarge the toy world for your baby.

All the jewels by Eja Ejovna are made with tender, love and what is most important with attention to each detail. Wooden beads covered with a cotton thread are absolutely safe, natural… and fun. These amusing jewels help to decide the problem of teething and make happy both moms and babies. Just imagine how much fun ypur lovely child will get playing with such a beautiful toy! Read More »

Heartfelt Jewelry from Lexi Lou Jewels

Fed up with working in menial, uninteresting, stifling jobs, Alycia stepped out of the rat race, invested time, money, and dedication towards starting lexi lou jewels. With inspirations ranging from contemporary jewelry design, to a particularly curly leaf seen on a hike in the forest, you just never know what will show up in the lexi lou catalog next.

Her process of taking her (and your) images and making them into durable jewelry is what makes lexi lou special. It isn’t necessarily what a jeweler thinks that their customers like, it is about what you and every other individual wants, what is directly important to you. Each photograph is transferred onto an aluminum pendant, accented with vintage Swarovski jewels and hung from an oxidized sterling silver chain. These durable keepsakes will be passed on for generations. Read More »

Exclusive One Of a Kind Bridal Jewelry from Sundance Catalog

Every wedding is great performance for all people involved in this celebration. But it’s especially important event for the future couple. And it doesn’t matter how expensive the wedding ring will be. Sincerity of feelings is the most important at this moment. Artisan bridal jewelry from Sundance Catalog for the most part is not a cheap selection.

Clever pieces of work of skilled artisans are visible at a glance. Wedding rings that sprinkle with various sized diamonds will fascinate anyone. Among these rings you cannot find a single standard, unlike most wedding jewelry. Unique and gleaming probably the most suitable word to describe these works of art. Read More »

Christmas Jewelry Gifts Based on Your Child’s Drawings from AM Jewellery

Still think what to give for Christmas? If you have kids and a gift you choose is for a close relative then you’ll really like this idea. Avril Manderson takes children’s drawings and transfers them into pendants, cufflinks and even bracelets made of silver. So you get not just a one of a kind jewelry but jewelry which contains a design invented by your baby.

AM Jewellery offers you a great idea for a gift at Christmas and other holidays and celebrations. Each jewelry piece handcrafted from start to final polish and if you need something a bit different you can just ask. All jewellery is presented in a unique gift box with a miniature version of the drawing in the lid. Read More »

Cambodian Jingle Bells Anklets and other Baby jewelry from Danita Apple

Danita Apple Jewelry store offers beautiful jewelry handcrafted with love from sterling silver or gold. These items can become a great gifts for mommies and children. Danita launched her jewelry studio in 2004. She believe that whether a gift is a token of gratitude or a gesture of love, giving and receiving is a cherished occasion in itself.

Baby jewelry from Danita Apple is simple and stylish designed for everyday wear. Anklets, bangles, bracelet can be adorned with jingle bells that’s why this fashionable and functional jewelry pieces has also been a helpful way for parents to tell whether their child is fast asleep or wandering off on a silly mission. Read More »

Joyful Bracelets Collection for Kids by Kit Heath

Kit Heath is famous for the jewelry made of sterling silver which underlines imaginative youthful design. Children often like to dream. Make fairy-tale closer with funny and cute bracelets from the talented designers. Any piece of jewel can become the perfect birthday present or christening gift.

Bon Bon Bracelet

Decorated with candies, stars, ducks or horses, dancing around the bracelets, they are full of childhood memories. Silver wristwear or bangle will make a little lady a real princess. Charm and lovely the pieces of jewels in Kit Hearth collections combine new and inspiring design. Bracelets are very beautiful; presenting as a gift they can pass on the parents’ tenderness to the children. Make your nearest and dearest happy with these creative and amusing jewels. Read More »

Neon Jewelry for Babies from Bloesem Kids

Jewelry made by the best craftsmen from precious metals and precious stones are ideal elements of luxury for adults. Jewelry for children does not need super expensive materials. Because kids are the treasure by themselves.

Fish Aquamarine - Neon Jewelry for Kids

Irene Hoofs is graphic designer from Amsterdam. She created BloesemKids in 2007. Nowadays she lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband Rik and two sons. Each necklace or choker is made of Swarovski crystal, elastic cotton and sterling silver lock. The number of colors and forms knows no boundaries. Graceful jewelry pieces are equally well looked on girls and on boys. Read More »

Gorgeous Diamond Bathtub for Baby by Lori Gardner

To splash in the bathtub with bubbles is a joy for any child. And if it’s bath by Lori Gardner it will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The Baby Bathtub by Lori Gardner

Let me remind you not so long ago The Diamond Bathtub was represented to the world community. It is the result of three years of laborious work by designer Lori Gardner. Amazing bathtub was encrusted with forty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-eight Swarovski crystals. Children’s version of the world famous Bath is now available. You can use this bath off-label. For example to wash your pet or well, I think you’ll find how to use it wisely. Available in all Swarovski colors. Read More »

The most expensive pacifier in the world

What is the most expensive in this life? Of course, it is children. Buying expensive jewelry for themselves, adults completely forget about the fact that with the same toys they can amaze their child. Now even the youngest person can dive into the world of luxury and wealth. Note that this is the most expensive pacifier in the world.

The most expensive diamond pacifier in the world

Diamond pacifier is made of 14-carat white gold and encrusted with 278 diamonds totaling 3 carats. This Diamond Pacifier has genuine silicone nipple and a moving handle so it has no different from the real pacifier. Jewelry pacifier can be customized by various colors of diamonds and according to the customer it can engraved with child’s name, initials or date of birth. Read More »

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany&Co.

Jewelry pieces from Tiffany are dream of every woman and satisfaction ambitions of every men. Tiffany is forever, like diamonds. Tiffany&Co – one of the few companies that are not bypassed their attention the youngest buyers. Where else you can find silver spoons, photo frames, miniature tea sets, and even bubble blower for your child?

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany

The gift collection for baby by Tiffany is startling in its cute design and elegant appearance. Spoons in sterling silver are symbols of knowledge and education. Gleaming sterling silver baby cups with original designs. All these, and many other ordinary things full of style and elegance curved lines by Tiffany&Co. Read More »