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Love Collection by David Weitzman: Jewelry for Essence of Human Existence

Love fills our lives with meaning and joy. Jewelry for Love by David Weitzman is based on symbols and texts, reminding us of the importance of love. David was born in Israel. For many years he studied the mystical traditions, and has extensive knowledge of the Kabbalah and other religious concepts.

David is trying to unite people around the world and remind them of the values such as love and health. For this purpose he uses the language of the sacred symbols and embodies it in his jewelry. It’s impossible to understand love on an intellectual level. It can only be experienced through giving and a feeling of unity with those around us. Jewelry for Love are made of gold or silver. Read More »

Jewelry from the Sea Bottom – Tentacles Collection by Peggy Skemp

Tentacles collections presented as parts of mollusks and their shells. Rings, pendants and earrings are made of various alloys of silver, some of them decorated with diamonds. Stunning tentacle sculpture are looks fascinating.

Peggy Skemp grew up in Minnesota countryside. She studied in metalsmithing and gemology at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Then she got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently she lives and works in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. You can find many interesting works among her collections. All jewelry pieces are made by hand and have a unique design. Read More »

Cell Cycle – Jewelry Obtained From Collaboration of Mathematics and Biological Architecture

Progress in science and technology offers new opportunities in different industries. Scientific progress penetrates even such conservative areas like Jewellery. Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg developed an interesting way to create a mathematical jewelry. Jessica Rosenkrantz graduated from MIT in 2005 and holds degrees in Architecture and Biology. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg also attended MIT, majoring in Mathematics. They founded Nervous System in 2007. At site of the company everyone can pass a simple algorithm, which eventually will give a pattern for jewelry most suitable for you.

Cell Cycle is a collection of 3D printed nylon, stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry can be one of two colors white or black. Jessica and Jesse have developed software for creating 3D model using their unique algorithms. Resulting jewelry is created using a process called Selective Laser Sintering. For iPad owners they are developing a special application. Read More »

Perfection of Jewelry Art – The Animal World by Chopard

We have already reviewed several jewelry collections by Chopard. And now it is high time to find yourself in the wonderful world of beautiful, charming and dream like animals with the help of Animal World by this brand. Faithful to the conception of brightness and vividness Chopard presented the jewels striking by its elegance and chic.

Perfection of Jewelry Art

This new world was dreamed by the designers to celebrate Chopard’s 150 years. A bit childish these gems breathe with happiness and cheerful mood. The wonderful and lively jungles consist of a great variety of animals including rather unusual. The materials are also unexpected, among them are quartz, kunzites, red gold, titanium etc. The exceptional beauty, rare stones, amazing combination of the colors and high quality are that what impress in the Animal World. Read More »

Lens Bracelet – Stylish Accessory from Adam Elmakias

Lens Bracelet is trendy bracelet for photography lovers. Adam Elmakias takes photography of music since 2006. In early 2010, Adam created the first set of Lens Bracelet to promote himself. He handed out bracelets to friends and fans during tours throughout the US and Canada. Now many companies are trying to replicate this idea but the original creator is Adam Elmakias.

Lens Bracelet Bundle C

Lens Bracelet is one size fits all. All of them are made of white or black silicone. The collection features a variety of lens’s focusing ring so you can choose one that represents you. I am sure that many people will enjoy this gadget. Read More »

Architecture Around the World in Rings from Philippe Tournaire

Tournaire is the jewelry brand famous and recognizable not only in France but all over the world due to its unique design, high quality of the gems and of course its creative approach. Philippe Tournaire, the founder of this fashion house faithfully believes that the success of the business greatly depends on the creativity and the fresh ideas but not only on the skills applied. Having a keen eye for detail Tournaire stands out among others due to the skilful combining of precious metals and stones with the history of art and science.

New York City Tours - Gold and Silver Ring

Philippe Tournaire collection of architectural jewels simply breathes with the interest to other cultures. The designer uses different precious metals and stones of superb colors to show his own distinct harmony. Rings and bracelets included in the collection look very interesting and extravagant. This is what can really be called the art to the fingertips! Read More »

Extraordinary Rings from the Artists Studio by Green Karat

It’s always nice to see interesting ideas of bridal jewelry. Many unusual solutions offered by Green Karat. This company is known for activity for the reduction of precious metals mining and calling on people to take to recycling all needless jewelry, pottery and other items made of precious metals.

Binary Wedding Band by Green Karat

Bridal ring with personal binary encoded message deserves special attention among a collection of wedding rings from this company. On the outside of the ring goes through five parallel tracks, each of which consists of 20 false or true symbols. Thus we have 20 columns, each of which consists of 5 bits. 5 bits can encode up to 32 characters. So if your alphabet is less than 32 symbols, you can make your loved one a message of up to 20 letters. There are many other interesting rings. Read More »

Trendy Symbols – Jewelry Pieces by Monserat De Lucca

The concept of Monserat De Lucca fashion house is the accessories for modern women all over the world which are “well put together, independent, and fabulous women world-wide”. Its collection of rings crafted from 100% brass is rather audacious and bold. Inspired by a wide range of different things, traditions and phenomena they certainly draw attention bringing joy and good mood.

Brass USB 2pc Ring Set

Just like the women the rings are devoted to they are delicate and edgy, hard and soft. Romantic and feminine ladies will be fascinated by the flower rings or by those inspired by the house comfort. For the strong and independent women the stylish lighter, boxing or space rings are. No matter what rings will suit you more all of them undoubtedly can become the perfect accessories. Read More »

Divine Collection of Masterpieces – Bals De Legende

We have recently reviewed the admiring collections of the engagement and wedding rings by Van Cleef & Arpels. And now it is high time to admire something another but not less beautiful and amazing. Bals De Legende is the collection of jewels which rivets the eyes, catches the breath and is engraved on the memory. For a century, Van Cleef & Arpels has been fusing inspiration.

Van Cleef & Arpels, Bals de Légende, Le Bal Black and White, Black and White coloured earrings

The collection made of precious metals and richly decorated with the diamonds perfectly expresses tenderness and passion. Bright and luscious it is really breathtaking. Modern yet whimsical the adornments included into the Bals De Legende extraordinary mix the past with the present. The gems possess a high quality and excellect craftsmanship. The designers from Van Cleef & Arpels managed to make age-old motifs suitable for the modern world. The jewels are mysterious, charming and intricate. Excellent! Read More »

Symbolic Jewelry from Max Steiner

Max Steiner is a very talented person which is known not only as a jewelry designer but also as sculptor, architectural modelmaker, 3d modeler and web developer. A wide circle of hobbies and interests gives him inspiration to create his masterpieces, sometimes pretty and elegant, and sometimes funny or charming. During his childhood Max was introduced to many different artistic methods and materials that’s why his collections are not similar with each other.

Thick Icon Brick Necklace

I guess everyone will find something to his taste from rings to decorative masks. For example his love to the art of origami encouraged the designer to create a beautiful and impressive collection of adornments in sterling silver and gold. A miracle of birth was symbolized in the Eli Collection in which pendants and earrings contain a tiny stones put into the hollow glass spaces. Inspired by his surroundings Max even created the collection devoted to NY subway. Have a look. Read More »