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14 jewelry gift ideas for Valentine day 2019 from etsy

Valentine card, flowers, teddy bear or maybe contrary to classic valentine day gifts you will choose jewelry? Etsy marketplace offers a chic variety of designer jewelry for any price. Let’s see 14 handmade jewelry pieces best suitable to be a gift for valentine day 2019 from etsy.

Ammonite Sterling Silver Heart Pendant from MolecularMotifs

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5 Ways to Fall in Love with Jewelry collection from Kara Ross

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for consumers and for the creators to update jewelry collections. Jewelry pieces by Kara Ross have unique design combined with the natural beauty of stone. Coral become the main component in her new collection devoted to Saint Valentine’s Day.

Kara Ross never ceases to amaze with her creations. Main feature of new collection is Coral Drusy. Raw corals will easily attract people’s attention. Black resin and gold perfectly complement the color scheme of these jewelry pieces. Price of these jewels ranges from $100 to $300. Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 9 Handcrafted Bracelets Under $20

Less than two weeks remain before the day of St. Valentine. It is not difficult to buy an expensive gift. The main thing in this holiday is not a gift itself. Recognition of attraction is the most pleasant thing that you can get as a gift for Valentine’s Day. You can put your message in a valentine and it will be enough to make someone happy.

If you are looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day which will cost $ 20 then you should look at these bracelets. Bracelet is very convenient gift. Because most of them with adjustable size and in contrast to the ring it had no inner meaning. All of them are carefully handcrafted and available on Etsy. Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: Rings from Cupid and Psyche collection by Shannnam

Eros (or his Roman counterpart – Cupid) is god of love, companion and assistant of Aphrodite, the embodiment of loving desire. He provides the continuation of life on Earth. Psyche in Greek mythology was the personification of the soul, breath, appeared in the form of butterflies or a young girl with the wings of a butterfly. Myth about Cupid and Psyche became a storyline for many literary works.

Shannnam offers interesting collection devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. In each of these jewelry pieces contain the situation well known to our hearts. All the rings are 100% hand-made and could be shipped for worldwide destination. Read More »

Subtle Message of Love in Jewelry Pieces from D.K. & Wei

The heart was a symbol of love and sincere affection for centuries. The heart is perceived by mystics as a repository of the soul or spirit, the engine of passion, thought and life. Heartbeat is seen as a reflection of the cosmic processes of expansion and contraction of involution and evolution. Designers of D.K. & Wei offer rings with a very unusual heart symbol.

Heart of Love is awesome collection of jewelry from D.K. & Wei. Inspired by classic photographing of a wedding ring on the bible with casted “love” shadow, artisans deftly use the game of shadows to create jewelry with unique style. All items are crafted from sterling silver with rhodium plating for lasting beauty. Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 9 Amazing Lockets from Etsy

Lockets are probably the most romantic type of jewelry. It is not only decoration but also storage for photos or other relics. It is believed that the lockets was invented in ancient Rome, it was a round disk, which was the award to the military commander at the time of triumph.

Locket is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They all are unique and made of different materials. Most of them are performed in Victorian style. Each of these lockets has something special even though they are from different price categories. I hope you like it. Read More »