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Personalized Meaningful Jewelry from Menuet Designs

Are you looking for jewelry pieces dedicated to love, friendship or the miracle of birth? If you want to please someone close to your heart you can simply do this with the help of the cute silver jewels by Menuet Designs.

The designers from Menuet Designs use only high quality materials, they skillfully mix silver with different gemstones to create so sweet jewelry. As we have already said all of them are symbolic. Anchor means close family relations, elephant – strength and luck etc. you can even personalize your item by the initials. It may become a great present for someone special, including yourself! Read More »

Mother’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 6 Pendants Etsy

Mother’s Day is one of the kindest and warmest holidays. In each point of the world it is celebrated on a different date but in most countries it is in May. It’s time to think about special gifts for our mothers. Jewelry made by hand can be a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Jewelers from Etsy offer a great choice of various jewelry pieces devoted to mother’s day. Pendants and bracelets decorated with fingerprints and other personal symbols are very popular. Symbols of Family Tree and wishbone are also popular for this event. Symbols of Family Tree and wishbone made of silver or gold and decorated with precious stones are also popular for this event. Read More »