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The most interesting jewelry.

Ocean Inspired Handmade Jewelry from Hawaii

Autumn has come but it is not the reason to forget about the seaside and the ocean. With the jewelry from the collection titled Ocean Dreams by Jaimee S. you will always have the fresh mood of the ocean. The life of the designer is inseparable connected with Hawaii so he finds true inspiration it the waves and sunsets, beautiful seashell and whimsical ocean creatures.

Each item in the collection is handmade and unique. Find something you will please, either earring with cute shells or elegant bracelets with freshwater pearl. One will be fascinated by the beauty of the jewels and will share the passion to the ocean with Jaimee. Read More »

Verbena Place Jewelry – Entirely Handmade

Verbeva Place Jewelry is something really astonishing and incredible! I could not tear myself away from these adornments when I saw it for the first time. David Worcester uses Argentium 960 high purity silver and precious and semiprecious gemstones creating such beautiful and admirable items.

Having a great experience in the jewelry craft the designers are inspires by the play of the colors of different gems using in these jewels. They use not only the natural stones but also lab made ones trying to be less harmful to the environment. Verbena Place jewels excite by their purity, curious curls and surely the magnificent magic of the gems… Read More »

Premiere of the jewelry collection Flow by Verena Schreppel

Flow is a necklace collection made of glass and hemp rope. The glass shapes are designed in a circular, an oval and a bean shape. They are of clear, apricot or dark grey translucent color and are held by a hemp string. The necklace can be worn open and closed by twisting the string. The wearer can define the shape of the necklace by twisting it into the preferred final shape. In this regard the very pure and simple design offers a great variety of wearing the piece.

“Glass has been one of the most exciting materials to work with. Its translucent quality bears something magic, a medium that creates shape, but being able to see through it takes away its physicalness. So it has a body, but from a different angle, in a different light it dissolves. For me it is an ethereous, a spiritual material.” Verena Schreppel

Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Aurore Francois from Mademoiselle Felee

Hi my name is Aurore François, and I am Mademoiselle Felee’s designer. I spent my childhood in a small village of the north of France, discovering nature and dreaming in the fields, drawing, knitting, creating clothes and furniture for my Barbie dolls, organizing catwalks and making movies with my cousins… I think it was the beginning of a love story with fashion…

But it was not so easy, because my family wanted a traditional job for me, so after two years in foreign languages, I joined the Studio Berçot fashion school in Paris. While in training, I exhibited my first creations at Palais de Tokyo : It was photo paper jewelry and it was really exciting. Then I experienced with Karine Arabian, attracted by her shoes designing talent, Guy Laroche and Corpus Christi design studios, in charge of accessories, jewelry, printed fabrics, and embroidery. I also worked as graphic designer and as photo stylist for fashion magazines… but what I really wanted to do since years was to launch my own brand. So my dream came true in 2011, Mademoiselle Felee was born and was recently granted by 2 Fashion Sheriffs Awards on Eclat de Mode – Paris trade shows. Read More »

Gorgeous Masterpieces from Daniel Espinosa Jewelry

To recognize the real value of a jewel, there are three important measures: the originality of a design, the metal which is made of and its gems. Furthermore, falling in love of a jewel is a matter of how close it matches a personality. This is the real art behind this Mexican Designer: the ability to print a distinctive seal in each creation. The variety of his pieces enhances each woman’s individuality in such a way that it is impossible not to be noticed.

There are some new proposals that the brand has prepared in commemoration of its XV Anniversary. Once again, Daniel Espinosa shows irreverence and vanguard, as two of the main characteristics of his career as a Designer. Read More »

7 Trendy Mustache Rings Found on the Internet

Mustaches are one of the main differences between men and women. At the moment women’s fashion has borrowed nearly all the elements of the male’s fashion. Mustaches and other hair on the face remained the only privilege of the men’s fashion. Some people don’t like mustaches at all. But other people love the mustaches; they consider it fashionable, beautiful and very sexy.

Mustaches became an interesting decoration idea for various type of jewelry. For example rings. Made of precious materials and adorned with symbol of masculinity these rings may attract the interest of even people who do not like mustaches. They are cute, they are in vogue. We would like to bring to your attention the following issue the Mustache Rings. Read More »

Ten Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces with Elephants founded on Etsy

Elephants are a traditional symbol of royal power in India, China and Africa. In Chinese culture the elephant symbolizes strength, prudence, sagacity, energy, supreme power and overcoming death. In Buddhism, the elephant – the most revered sacred animal, a symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. In the Greco-Roman culture, the elephant is an attribute of Mercury, the emblem of wisdom.

With such a strong semantic charge Elephants become a great symbol for jewelry. These rings, bracelets, pendants and even earring can be founded on Etsy. Artisan from all over the world offers their crafts adorned with Elephant theme. Let see the most popular and interesting of them. Read More »

Handcrafted Jewelry Displays from Luxembourg by Delphine Penen

Jewelry displays are becoming more and more popular. Your favorite and the most beautiful jewelry deserve to be store with care. These storages will help you to organize adornments and will protect it from scratches.

Delphine Penen offers amazing jewelry storages. These displays will allow you to have a much better visibility of all your jewels. No more earrings will be forgotten in a jewelry box. Accomplished in antique style it will also be a very ornamental picture in your room. Price of these jewelry displays including shipping all over the world will be about €200. Read More »

Revolving Calendar Ring – Not Merely a Jewelry

Almost a month has passed since the beginning of 2012. But maybe someone did not have time to get a calendar. In this case you will be interested with this gadget. What are the similarities might be between jewelry and the calendar? Calendar can be integrated into the ring.

Calendar ring made of stainless steel. It consists of three rotating discs. One of them contains months from January to December. The other contains the numbers from 1 to 31. The middle disc is a connecting link of the ring it was adorned with a stone that points to a combination of the date of the month. Calendar Ring will be an interesting jewelry gift with low cost.

11 jewelry gift for a Valentine’s Day from Maria Apostolou

St. Valentine’s Day of the Year 2012. Does anyone still believe in doomsday in 2012? Then it may be the last day of St. Valentine. Of course, this is a joke. Anyway it’s time to think about gifts. Create Jewelry offers an interesting solution decorated with hearts.

Sterling silver, pigmented resin

Maria Apostolou is a jewelry designer and metalsmith from Chalkida, Greece. Her work can be described as a continuous search for beauty and simplicity. Beauty can be transient or hidden in the mundane. Sometimes it’s in the little details, in a delicate leaf or even in the decay. Love is a complicated thing. But sometimes it can be expressed through the beauty. Read More »