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One of a Kind Functional Jewelry by William Henry

William Henry offers amazing knives, writing instruments, money clips and divot tools. Company was founded in 1997 by partners Matthew William Conable and Michael Henry Honack. Their tools regularly win prestigious awards in the professional world’s most authoritative exhibitions.

Artisans from William Henry are the real masters of their craft. Each item is full of unique art design and high level of work. All products can be decorated with Koftgari, carved silver, and various engraving. Lock buttons and thumbstuds of the finest knives could be adorned with with semi-precious and precious gems. Gold and other precious materials are regularly used to decorate important things, but what about meteorites? Not so long ago, media stated that William Henry uses meteorite for its Ventana collection! Read More »

Luxury Writing Instruments by David Oscarson

Pens are not only the necessary writing instruments in everyday life, but also the luxury and chic accessories revealing the one’s status. The collection of precious pens by David Oscarson is the bright illustration to this. Drawing the inspiration from the various sources the designer creates writing instruments which are wonderful and really incredible in their style.

Each item by David Oscarson is carefully handcrafted with the attention to the details using only the finest materials of high quality and rare production techniques. So the quantity of the writing pieces is limited. The main material is the solid Sterling Silver which gives the certain magnificence. The complex procedure of creating gives the pens one more peculiarity of the splendor hues palette delighting the eye. These are the accessories for the real connoisseur of the top-quality and elegant design. Read More »

Collection of Accessories for the Princess from Montblanc

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» is a new collection of jewelry pieces and writing accessories released by Montblanc in honor of Her Majesty Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was married in a pink dress therefore most of the accessories made in white and pink colors.

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» consists of jewelry, watches and pens, which are made of gold and encrusted with precious stones. Princess set sparkling with white and pink diamonds, sapphires and topaz. The collection was created to support The Princess Grace Foundation. All funds from the sale of these accessories will go to charity. Read More »

The Ideals of Writing Instruments from Tribute to the Mont Blanc Collection

The highest mountain of Europe Montblanc charms by its beauty and splendor. Many people all over the world come to see it. But did you know that this mountain inspires not only alpinists to reach its peak but also the designers to create their masterpieces. Its marvelous beauty encouraged the creation of the new “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Collection.

Tribute to the Mont Blanc Writing Instrument

These luxury writing instruments and accessories are made of different stones and materials. The cold beauty of the pens expresses the hypnotizing charm of the snowy icy surfaces making them a bit closer. The six glaciers and the peak of Mont Blanc became the emblem of the brand being crafted at the top of the cap with snowy quartz. Montblanc writing accessories are finished with top quality level and exclusivity. It is also interesting to note that the brand make its contribution in the supporting of the ecology of this unique nature body. Read More »

One-Of-A-Kind Writing Instrument Created In Honor of Monaco Royal Wedding from Montblanc

Prince Albert II of Monaco has married Charlene Wittstock this weekend. Albert has always been known for his love of the sport. He is bobsledder and even participated in the Olympics. Prince met his future wife on swimming competitions in Monaco in 2000. The magnificent wedding was celebrated for two days. About 3,500 guests were invited.

The Montblanc Wedding Pen

This celebration was not left without the participation of world famous brands. Montblanc has created a one-of-a-kind writing instrument for the Monaco royal wedding of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. Authors of the unique writing masterpiece were inspired by the architectural elements of the Palais Princier and the Principality Flag. Unique fountain pen is made of white gold with 128 diamonds and 161 rubies. Read More »

Titanic-DNA: Contemporary Steampunk Timepieces and Accessories

RJ – Romain Jerome is the company which is inspired by “DNA of famous legends”. It is easy to guess what Titanic-DNA collection, consisting of watches and pens, is dedicated to. The designers use the rusted steel bezel which is the combination of two metals.

Day & Night Spiral

Coal, steel and rust, performing as the integral parts of each piece in Titanic-DNA collection, are transforming due to the experience of the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the famous liner ever created was born. Some items are made with black gold and silver. Don’t be surprised by using the rust. RJ applies the unique procedure that helps to stop this process any further. So the limited quantity of timepieces and pens are really extraordinary. They certainly underline manliness and strength possessing some special elegance. Read More »

Gift Ideas: Six Stylish Accessories from Cartier

We have just finished celebrating the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is almost here. In addition to these holidays there are plenty of others. And besides the holidays there are a lot of reasons to make a gift. If the gift is from the famous brand then it will make a good impression, especially if it’s a souvenir from Cartier.

Cartier Logotype Decor USB Memory Card

Each of these six charming accessories is palladium finish and decorated with Cartier logo. 4GB USB memory card will always help you to save and transfer valuable information and stylish desktop clock will help to keep up with the times. For other accessories you also can find good use. Read More »

Yuri Gagarin – The First Man in Space, limited edition of pens by Montegrappa

April 12, 1961, he said, “Poyekhali!” (“Off we go!”) and in a couple of hours he became the first among the people who was in space. His name was Yuri Gagarin. April 12, 2011 the world was celebrating 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. The Italian brand of exclusive writing accessories Montegrappa in honor of the anniversary of the first human flight into space has released limited edition of pens.

Montegrappa Yuri Gagarin fountain pens made of 18K gold

Pens are engraved with a portrait of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, caps contain the emblem of the USSR and the clothespins are adorned with image of Gagarin monument in Moscow. Collections Montegrappa Yuri Gagarin will consist of a 1961 fountain pens made of silver, 1961 roller balls made of silver, 50 fountain pens made of 18K gold and 50 roller balls made of 18K gold. Read More »