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Watches, pens, cuff links, belts and more other stuff made of precious metals and gems.

Gift Ideas for Christmas – Stylish Cufflinks from Thomas Pink

Christmas Holidays fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking about gifts. Cufflinks will be a great gift for those men and women who love to wear classic shirt. If you like these ideas then take a look at the tantalizing cufflinks from Thomas Pink. These extraordinary items that complement the classic costume will demonstrate courage and independence of their possessor. All cufflinks are gold or silver plated and featured with trendy symbols.

According to the Chinese zodiac year of 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Therefore cufflinks with a dragon probably will become best selling items or Guardsman Cufflinks decorated with images of Queen’s Guard from Buckingham Palace will not leave you indifferent. Read More »

One of a Kind Handcrafted Jewelry by Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl is the pretty, fun and eclectic collection of jewelry by the USA based designer and metalsmith Shannon Conrad. She presents beautiful and jolly items that fascinate or cause the smile on your face. They are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world, by animals, plants, warm feelings or fantasies of the designer. Shannon tries to combine the city with the countryside, to mix industry and the organic world finding the balance between them.

Ruby Girl is the collection devoted to the protection of the environment. All jewels are made up of 100% recycled silver. Eco-friendly technologies and materials are used in the studio: citric acid pickle, bio-degradable flux and lead-free enamels etc. The jewels are romantic or serious, elegant or bold. The choice is rather big. Have a look. Read More »

Quirky and Beautiful Handmade Jewelry from Rachel Pfeffer

We would like to present to your attention something interesting and rather fanciful. Jewels from Rachel Pfeffer Design are of that kind that can’t be called boring. Do you want a ring in the shape of the bicycle? Or maybe you want presser the honey knuckles?

Handmade Pendant in Sterling Silver

With Rachel Pfeffer everything is possible. The imagination of the designer combines with the wishes of the customers while creating these masterpieces. You are welcome with the materials, sizes, colors and even ideas of your own design. Rachel uses gold, sterling silver, brass and so on making her adornment with tender and loving care which you will certainly feel. Read More »

Dangerous Luxury – Refined Watches from TechnoMarine

Life is motion, life is movement. That is the motto of TechoMarine, Geneva based company producing practical and stylish watches with the variety of ideas. Their timepieces are inspired by the power and energy of the water element, sinuous and organic materials. This is the real mix of dynamism, joyful playfulness and strong sense of style.

TechnoMarine stroke the public being the first ever to put diamonds on a diving chronograph. And they are always ready to fill their masterpieces with the new innovative ideas. The four main concepts expressed in the watches are ‘beach’, ‘boating’, ‘diving’ and ‘city’. And the brand skillfully combines them, presenting bright and bold items. The prices vary from $300 to $3,000. This is not only the fun and colorful accessory showing the time, it reveals one’s personality and inner state. Read More »

Luxury Writing Instruments by David Oscarson

Pens are not only the necessary writing instruments in everyday life, but also the luxury and chic accessories revealing the one’s status. The collection of precious pens by David Oscarson is the bright illustration to this. Drawing the inspiration from the various sources the designer creates writing instruments which are wonderful and really incredible in their style.

Each item by David Oscarson is carefully handcrafted with the attention to the details using only the finest materials of high quality and rare production techniques. So the quantity of the writing pieces is limited. The main material is the solid Sterling Silver which gives the certain magnificence. The complex procedure of creating gives the pens one more peculiarity of the splendor hues palette delighting the eye. These are the accessories for the real connoisseur of the top-quality and elegant design. Read More »

The Happy Mickey Collection – Disney Style Jewelry by Chopard

The childhood is embodied with the imposing cartoon world of Walt Disney for lots of us. Chopard, the Swiss based chic brand of jewelry and watches, is also fond of this movie production giant. Expanding the line of the famous Happy Diamonds this luxury company created the incredible line called Happy Mickey. As you have already understood the collection of the accessories is devoted to the marry hero of the cartoon known all over the world.

Chopard made The Happy Mickey collection using 18-carat white, rose or yellow gold featuring moving diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The amazing line including playful earrings, stylish watches, fun pendants and unusual necklaces is quite suitable for the young, for those who are daring enough to fill the life with the magic colors of Mickey world. With these jewels a bit of childhood will appear in your daily life. Read More »

Moments of Life in Watch Sculptures by Dominic Wilcox

We are in such a hurry in our everyday life sometimes; there is such lack of time that we even forget to feel the moment. The range of watches with the sculptures is something very surprising and unusual. Dominic Wilcox has created a series of tiny handcrafted time-based sculptures. He used the collection of the vintage watches and customized model figures.

The scenes on the watch hands become dynamic and alive in their movement around the dial. The psychological sense is also expressed because one can think about the relationship between the two people, how one passes another repeatedly. That is why the Watch Sculptures are interesting in many aspects. The collection is shown at Dezeen Space in Shoreditch, London from 17 September to 16 October. Read More »

Collection of Accessories for the Princess from Montblanc

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» is a new collection of jewelry pieces and writing accessories released by Montblanc in honor of Her Majesty Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was married in a pink dress therefore most of the accessories made in white and pink colors.

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» consists of jewelry, watches and pens, which are made of gold and encrusted with precious stones. Princess set sparkling with white and pink diamonds, sapphires and topaz. The collection was created to support The Princess Grace Foundation. All funds from the sale of these accessories will go to charity. Read More »

Sundial Ring or How to Tame The Time

Time is just a part of the measuring system used to sequence events or something more? It’s hard to imagine a modern man without a technical device that displays the time. Popularization of mobile phones led to a decrease in demand for watches. But sometimes you can forget it at home or battery can discharged at the worst possible moment.

Sundial Ring

In this case, the only way out is to find the sun and use a Sundial Ring, invented many centuries ago. All you need is to catch a sunbeam with a small hole on the inner rotating ring. A ray of light will indicate the current hour. Read More »

Mediterraneo: Tribute to Contemporary Women by Carrera y Carrera

We have already presented to your attention wonderful Granada collection and Bestiario collection by one of the most famous Spanish jewelry brands Carrera Y Carrera. But the masters of this fashion house don’t stop to admire us. Amazingly beautiful Mediterraneo collection of jewels is devoted to the modern woman, independent and feminine at one and the same time.

Atenea Neckalce in White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds from Mediterraneo by Carrera Y Carrera

Carerra Y Carerra compares her with the nymph who lives at the sea near the Spanish coastline exploring and admiring the power and charm of the water element. All pieces of the collection are made of either yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds. These expressive adornments are full of passion and look very bright and creative. Undoubtedly the fantastic style chosen by the designers of the brand will give a pure excitement about the rarest jewelry to everybody! Read More »