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Cuff Links Jewelry from every corner of the world.

Computer Key Jewelry – Especially for Geeks and Mac Lovers

Computers are integral part of modern life. Especially for those people who use the Internet. And what about geeks and fans of different brands like Apple? In general, an informatization of society evolving at an exponential rate. So do not be surprised when you see the jewelry made in the computer theme. Designers from Creative Dexterity produce such kind of jewelry.

Silver Command Key, Computer Key Necklace by Creative Dexterity

Rings, necklaces, tie pins and cufflinks are made of sterling silver. Each of the jewelry pieces are made as button of Apple keyboard and keys as you know is not a few. Read More »

Playful Cufflinks by Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez is a daughter of the legendary Silvia Venturini Fendi and the French jewerly designer Bernard Delettrez. Delfina went in the footsteps of her parents. She creates a very fashionable and audacious jewelry. Delfina’s creativity consists of an extraordinary mixes of gothic and baroque, bright colors and dark scenes. New collections are so interesting that they deserve an individual approach.

Button, Silver Cufflinks by Delfina Delettrez

New cufflinks made by Delfina Delettrez designed with frank sexual overtones. Playful masterpieces with classic poses from the Kama Sutra are made of silver, some of them covered with gold. According to the author – “They all used to wear masculine things”. Read More »

Men’s Gunmetal Jewelry Gift Ideas

Selection of gifts for a person with male nature can become a challenge. Maybe jewelry made of gunmetal will be sufficiently masculine? Gunmetal is a type of bronze originally used chiefly for making guns. Gunmetal is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water. These pieces from gunmetal looks like no other contemporary jewelry.

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Sophisticated jewelry like pieces of battle force will be an excellent trophy for men. Each of these masterpieces can be personalized by special note of love and appreciation that gets handed down through the generations. Nothing shows off his name, initials or monogram more than the polished gunmetal surface. Read More »

Yin-Yang balance and jewelry

According to Laozi, the universe originated as follows: first emerged two opposite forces: Yin and Yang, they are interrelated, and their union gave birth to life energy, called Qi. Qi is often translated as “energy flow”, and is frequently compared to Western élan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic pranayama. Anyway this philosophy once again proves that nothing cannot exist without its opposite. Everyone can find hidden meaning in the symbol of Yin-Yang.

Black Coral Yin Yang Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold - Extra Large

Black Coral Yin Yang Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold - Extra Large

Maui Divers Jewelry offers adorable Yin-Yang collection for all lovers of energy Qi. Breathtaking jewelry masterpieces made of 14K yellow and white gold with diamonds and exotic Hawaiian corals. Read More »

Perfect gifts for men by Babette Wasserman

The first cufflinks have appeared at the time of Johann Sebastian Bach. People from higher society nowadays still prefer wearing cufflinks. Expensive cufflinks can distinguish the person who is not only rich, but possesses the present aristocratic taste and not afraid to show it.

Babette Wasserman cufflinks

Babette Wasserman cufflinks

Products of Babette Wasserman on your cuffs will attract general attention. They are covered by precious metals with the pearls, onyx and other precious stones and materials. You can find square, round, cubes and many other geometric forms among cufflinks by Babette Wasserman. They indeed become for you a favorite accessory. Read More »

Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day from Tiffany & Co.

Even the holidays with the longest history tends to eventually acquire a new look. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Presently Valentine’s Day has become much more democratic. Women on equal terms with men make a declaration of love. Not only enamored congratulate each other, but parents, children, friends, colleagues also do it. Now all involved in this holiday, so – time to choose gifts.

Jewelry is an exclusive gift which present to the main characters of this holiday, i.e. the beloved people.

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. offer so huge choice of Jewelry by the Valentine’s day what to choose a gift for darling this significant day completely not simply. However, all depends on your tastes and preferences therefore as without false modesty it is possible to notice that any Jewelry of this mark is already a declaration of love. Read More »