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Cuff Links Jewelry from every corner of the world.

Symbolic Jewelry from Max Steiner

Max Steiner is a very talented person which is known not only as a jewelry designer but also as sculptor, architectural modelmaker, 3d modeler and web developer. A wide circle of hobbies and interests gives him inspiration to create his masterpieces, sometimes pretty and elegant, and sometimes funny or charming. During his childhood Max was introduced to many different artistic methods and materials that’s why his collections are not similar with each other.

Thick Icon Brick Necklace

I guess everyone will find something to his taste from rings to decorative masks. For example his love to the art of origami encouraged the designer to create a beautiful and impressive collection of adornments in sterling silver and gold. A miracle of birth was symbolized in the Eli Collection in which pendants and earrings contain a tiny stones put into the hollow glass spaces. Inspired by his surroundings Max even created the collection devoted to NY subway. Have a look. Read More »

Refined Jewelry from Claude Schmitz

Pay attention to the jewelry collection by Claude Schmitz, Luxembourg based designer. As he says his work consists of tradition, values, possession, status and a matter of scale and weight. His creations are just the matter of interpretation. Everyone understands them in his own individual way close to his inner world.

Blue bloom brooch by Claude Schmitz

The collection consisting of brooches, rings, earrings, cufflinks etc. is a kind of jewel that can characterized as “the ordered chaos” in my view. Some of the items are so complex in their structure that they simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. Bold and fanciful lines closely interwoven with each other brightly single out these adornments. Each of them has interesting and even poetic name by the way. Read More »

Stylish Jewelry with Levels Inside from Individual Icons

Pay attention to the exceptional and insistent jewelry collection called Levels by Individual Icons. LeeAnn Herreid, the designer of the brand, is inspired by the climate and the culture of different places and active lifestyle, so she created extraordinary jewelry collections which are rather suitable for the contemporary travelers.

Stylish Jewelry with Levels Inside from Individual Icons

Levels collection is a kind of adornments for so called “non-jewelry” people who want to live in the harmony with themselves. Made of sterling silver spirit level jewels will keep you in balance. Bright, colorful and lightweight gems look very stylish and fresh with the little bubbles moving inside. Rings, pendants and earrings have really new and exciting design full of energy and fun. The designer’s inspired line of jewelry can be described as both symbolic and beautiful. Of course such luscious accessories will become the eye-catching addition to your style. Read More »

Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer and businessman; became world famous for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. His works is usually fulfilled by casual style and supplemented with the culture of the American West. In addition to clothes, Ralph Lauren produces interior items, accessories, perfumes and even pet products. In 1994 he launched Purple Label – top-end men’s collection, focusing on luxurious clothing and accessories.

White Gold Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes

In Purple Label collection you can find White Gold Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes. Created in the shape of skull, these cufflinks will add a bit of brutality in your elegant appearance. The masterpiece is made of white gold with eyes made of diamonds. Cufflinks have a moving jaw, and the clasps are made in the shape of the bone. Read More »

Sophisticated Things Filled With Classic Style and Quality by Harry Fane

A good craftsman does not need super expensive materials to create masterpiece. The main thing is the quality of production but not the material. We are surrounded by a huge number of daily use things. Harry Fane has founded private London gallery Obsidian in 1978. Jewelry & Watches presented in this gallery are actually work of art. Combination of vintage and modern style embodied in these masterpieces is beyond praise.

Sterling silver Vodka Shot Set of two by Harry Fane

Household items from Harry Fane deserve special attention. Bowls made of lava stone and silver combined with mother of pearl or coral can be refined and expensive gift. Also you can find here top quality caskets made of wood and silver. Please have a look. Read More »

Gifts Ideas for Him from Tiffany & Co.

Continuing the topic of the Father’s day we would like to focus attention on Gifts for Him from Tiffany & Co. This famous America’s house of design and one of the world’s premier jeweler offers a wide range of different accessories for men. Among them are elegant watches, pens, noble cufflinks, briefcases etc. During all history of the mankind jewelry for the men didn’t lose its actuality being the indicator of the status and power of its owner.

Paloma Picasso Love & Kisses Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

Tastes differ, but we are sure that everyone would find something to make the father of the family glad, from the razor in sterling silver to baseball paperweight in crystal. Presenting an original gift to the man you can underline his male qualities, for example stylish cufflinks or rings made of sterling silver from Tiffany & Co. will complete the image of confident and successful man. Be sure any man will appreciate your choice! Read More »

Delightful Floating Diamonds from Stars of Africa by Royal Asscher

Stars of Africa is the name of magnificent collection of jewelry masterpieces by Royal Asscher. Since its foundation the company is responsible for cutting some of the most famous diamonds in the world. This collection of jewelry is a continuation of the Stars of Africa project. The aim of this project is to raise funds to improve the situation in African countries.

18K yellow gold with 0.80crt blue sapphires inside the dome

The elements of Stars of Africa are made of white, pink, yellow gold or platinum. Sapphires and diamonds used as gems. Jewelers of Royal Asscher found very creative idea how to use precious stones in their masterpieces. Diamonds and sapphires are placed under the dome where they can freely move. Read More »

At the threshold of Father’s Day: Men’s Collection by Harry Winston

The 19th of June is the Father’s day. Looking for some fresh idea what to present? Men’s collection, including rings, accessories and cufflinks, offers a good choice. American luxury brand Harry Winston specializes on the rare jewels with unique and extraordinary design expressing the endless energy of New York. Of course these masterpieces are rather expensive but the noble luxury and excellent quality are worth such cost.

Ocean cufflinks , 18K rose gold with enamel

Impressive and gorgeous pieces of jewelry in the Men’s collection will not leave anyone indifferent. Being the timeless classic the sparkling diamonds in the rings and cufflinks captivate attention due to the perfect mix of dimension, proportion and angles of reflection. They look sophisticated and elegant. These are jewels for real and successful men. Read More »

New Items from the Limited Edition Collection by Babette Wasserman

We have already presented to you jewelry from Babette Wasserman. All jewels are characterized by inventive design and a distinctive individual style. Limited Edition Items is an exquisite collection of special one-off designs. The designer tries to introduce her imagination due to fascinating use of materials and restless desire to surprise consumers.

Infinity Cuore Ring

The contemporary jewels have a unique touch which is felt throughout every detail. Limited Edition is the complex of stones, materials, colours and forms. Either necklaces or rings and cufflinks, daring geometric shapes and soft organic forms are everywhere. Bright and intricate play of gentle colours makes each piece of jewel a real work of art. Read More »

Extraordinary Jewelry for Peculiar Moods by Bjorg

Often we try to achieve harmony between our inner world and appearance. Without using words it can be very difficult. Norwegian designer Bjorg offers a very interesting idea. Necklaces, pendants, rings, cufflinks and earrings from the Moods collection are decorated by expressions with different meanings. Each of these jewelry masterpieces made of 925 silver; some of them are gold-plated and decorated with diamonds.

the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return pendant by Bjorg

Bjorg has grown among the arctic nature, the girl was happy with bright sunny days and chilly winter evenings in Norway. She had a lot of travel and communication with other cultures may therefore her jewelry collections are filled with life, passion and emotion. I think everyone can find a desired mood in this collection. Read More »