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Cuff Links Jewelry from every corner of the world.

Human Ivory jewelry by Lucie Majerus

Luxembourgian designer Lucie Majerus found an extraordinary solution how to replace illegal ivory (material from the tusks and teeth of animals). She co she called this project Human Ivory. Working material was taken at the dentist, because not every patient takes with him pulled out teeth.


I must pay tribute to Majerus, it is quite a bold decision. Not everyone wants to wear the earrings decorated with the bones from someone’s mouth. On the other hand, in these jewelry could be found zest for self-expression. Why do we need to kill innocent elephants? And by the way, remember necklaces and other jewelry made of bones of ancient tribal shamans. Read More »

The TIFFANY’S™ of Steampunk Jewelry by Edmdesigns

The Steampunk jewelry line crafted by Edmdesigns will not be delightful for everyone, but it has its own incredible and sometimes furious style. One that can be definitely said is that you will not be just like a crowd in these striking steampunk jewels.

Edmdesigns always tries to add new ideas broadening its jewelry line. The designers experiment with the styles mixing “over the top” Steampunk, Neo-Victorian and Industrial designs in their collections. Complicated mechanisms and intricate trinkets putting as the basis in the items certainly arouse interest. Enjoy the world of the steampunk art with Edmdesigns. Read More »

Smith Jewellery by Anna Raimondo

Born and raised in Cape town, South Africa, Anna Raimondo studied Jewellery Design & Manufacturing at Stellenbosch University. After completing her Honours degree she was offered a scholorship to do a Masters in Design at the Richemont’s school, Creative Academy, in Milan. This lead to the opportunity to intern at the International fashion brand Chloe’s leather department. Anna then spent the next years travelling and working in the UK and Australia.

In 2010 Anna went back to Cape Town to launch her jewellery brand, SMITH Jewellery. Her aim was to create unique, beautiful and bold jewellery for woman. Everything is designed and then hand made by herself, thus ensuring that no two pieces look the same – and offering the customer a once of piece of jewellery. Read More »

Handcrafted Cufflinks from Dedalo is a Good Gift for Geek

Cufflinks with the heroes of Space Invaders or Pacman will be a good gift for anyone who has played these games. Cufflinks is the only part of a business suit with which you can experiment without harm to the appearance. Dedalo is profile of a jewelry designer from Etsy. All these works belong to him.

Sterling Silver

All these cufflinks are unique and handmade of Sterling Silver. Even fans of mathematics will be pleasantly surprised with Pi Cufflinks. Creativity of craftsman catches the eye indeed. If you are looking for gifts for men then you should pay attention to these cuff links. By the way Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Read More »

Gift Ideas for Christmas – Stylish Cufflinks from Thomas Pink

Christmas Holidays fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking about gifts. Cufflinks will be a great gift for those men and women who love to wear classic shirt. If you like these ideas then take a look at the tantalizing cufflinks from Thomas Pink. These extraordinary items that complement the classic costume will demonstrate courage and independence of their possessor. All cufflinks are gold or silver plated and featured with trendy symbols.

According to the Chinese zodiac year of 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Therefore cufflinks with a dragon probably will become best selling items or Guardsman Cufflinks decorated with images of Queen’s Guard from Buckingham Palace will not leave you indifferent. Read More »

One of a Kind Handcrafted Jewelry by Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl is the pretty, fun and eclectic collection of jewelry by the USA based designer and metalsmith Shannon Conrad. She presents beautiful and jolly items that fascinate or cause the smile on your face. They are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world, by animals, plants, warm feelings or fantasies of the designer. Shannon tries to combine the city with the countryside, to mix industry and the organic world finding the balance between them.

Ruby Girl is the collection devoted to the protection of the environment. All jewels are made up of 100% recycled silver. Eco-friendly technologies and materials are used in the studio: citric acid pickle, bio-degradable flux and lead-free enamels etc. The jewels are romantic or serious, elegant or bold. The choice is rather big. Have a look. Read More »

Quirky and Beautiful Handmade Jewelry from Rachel Pfeffer

We would like to present to your attention something interesting and rather fanciful. Jewels from Rachel Pfeffer Design are of that kind that can’t be called boring. Do you want a ring in the shape of the bicycle? Or maybe you want presser the honey knuckles?

Handmade Pendant in Sterling Silver

With Rachel Pfeffer everything is possible. The imagination of the designer combines with the wishes of the customers while creating these masterpieces. You are welcome with the materials, sizes, colors and even ideas of your own design. Rachel uses gold, sterling silver, brass and so on making her adornment with tender and loving care which you will certainly feel. Read More »

Mediterraneo: Tribute to Contemporary Women by Carrera y Carrera

We have already presented to your attention wonderful Granada collection and Bestiario collection by one of the most famous Spanish jewelry brands Carrera Y Carrera. But the masters of this fashion house don’t stop to admire us. Amazingly beautiful Mediterraneo collection of jewels is devoted to the modern woman, independent and feminine at one and the same time.

Atenea Neckalce in White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds from Mediterraneo by Carrera Y Carrera

Carerra Y Carerra compares her with the nymph who lives at the sea near the Spanish coastline exploring and admiring the power and charm of the water element. All pieces of the collection are made of either yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds. These expressive adornments are full of passion and look very bright and creative. Undoubtedly the fantastic style chosen by the designers of the brand will give a pure excitement about the rarest jewelry to everybody! Read More »

Designer Cufflinks from Star Trek to Transformers

Cufflinks are integral part of the business fashion for many years. In recent years they have been actively used by designers as element of business women appearance. You can use this accessory not only in business image, but also playful or even a bright and youthful.

Copper Fashion Cufflinks - Star Trek Design

With the help of cufflinks, you can radically change the focus of your suit, especially if your cufflinks decorated with trendy symbols. Cufflinks with an image of Decepticon Megatron packaged in an elegant box can be a very interesting gift. May be your friends are fans of Apple then you can find an excellent cufflinks for them in this collection. Everyone will find at least one pair of interest. Read More »

Nature Inspired Jewelry from Woodland Belle

We have already presented to your attention the wonderful and creative Tiny Terrarium collection from the North Carolina based Woodland Belle brand. But the imagination of Mai McKemy inspired by the surrounding flora has no limits. The Succulent collection expresses the beauty and brightness of the flowers. Crafted from plastic, bronze and sterling silver each handmade item of this collection is of original design.

Solid Bronze Sedum Succulent Necklace

It all starts with the nature, and the designer tries to show it in her adornments underlining the harmony and connection between the mankind and the mother-nature. The fun and inspiring design is devoted to the modern woman full of sensibility and charm which are sometimes hidden in the city routine. The colorful and luscious little flowers in the jewelry perfectly underline the tenderness and complete the image. Read More »