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Creative people catch inspiration in different things, in everything they meet and see. But sometimes the source of their inspiration is really surprising and striking. Adi Zaffran, a young Jerusalem based designer, created the collection of bold rings using… the bullets for the firing. His aim was to show the beauty of the bullet distanced from its original purpose and taken away from its surroundings. Adi tried to express the idea that even such unusual and extraordinary thing can become the stylish adornment, and I think he reached the success.

Ring made out of spent bullet

The rings show the story of the bullets from the moment it was fired until it was picked up. Great creativity combined with the genius simplicity is the main characteristic of the Bullet Rings collection. It is available at Etsy shop that we have recently introduced to you.

Bullet Ring
Model S3-10 Diametr 17mm US size 6.5
Bullet Ring, Diametr 16.75mm US size 6
Bullet Ring, Diametr 17mm US size 6
Bullet Ring, Diametr 19mm US size 9

VIA: Adi Zaffran.

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