Bande Des Quatres by Erin Wahed

There is always a wide choice of jewelry at the summer season. But there are always stand out items. You should pay attention to jewelry pieces from Bande Des Quatres. This brand offers two collections full of interesting masterpieces. For both collections, the pieces are named after an artist that inspired the piece. In the case of Collection I, the pieces were named after Bauhaus Masters and with Collection II, all the pieces are named after Architects.

Erin Wahed is a founder and designer of Bande Des Quatres. Quality plays a huge role in what sets Bande Des Quatres apart from other brands in jewelry. Each and every piece is hand-made by our studio in Montreal. The pieces combine 18kt yellow and palladium white gold, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver and precious gemstones. The combination of finishes used on each ring, from sand blasting to scratching to polishing are another unique element of Bande Des Quatres.

VIA: Bande Des Quatres.

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