Attractive Jewelry Pieces from Jessica DeCarlo

For the past 5 years, Jessica DeCarlo has been hand crafting jewelry from her Brooklyn based studio alongside a small group of artisans. Her designs are inspired by her love of nature and from everyday inspiration living in NYC. The pieces are each individually hand hammered and her cast pieces are initially carved from wax, using traditional lost wax carving methods.

Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry does not manufacture overseas, rather uses local independent suppliers and casting companies. Having worked for major jewelry designers in past years, Jessica has developed her own earthy but elegant style that distinguishes her brand from the rest, and in which many types of women admire.

Jessica DeCarlo uses sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold and gold filled metals sometimes paired with carefully chosen semi precious and precious gemstones. Her designs are constantly evolving and can be found in upscale independent boutiques nationwide.

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