Astonishing Beauty Earrings by Shlomit Ofir

Earrings are the favourite accessory for a lot of women. Etsy shop offers a wide range of beautiful and bright earrings created by Shlomit Ofir. Tiny or long, funny or elegant, silver or gold… Each lady will find something to her taste and style. Some models are decorated with sophisticated pearls and stones.

Totem Post Earrings in Matte Silver

The concept of the collection was the result of inspiration caused by nature, flowers, music, human beauty, water, city, even by the time of the day. It seems that the fantasy of the designers has no limits. Light and airy these earrings serve as the excellent adornment. The sense of beauty, proportions and color is found in each piece. This is the jewelry devoted to the ladies!

Baroque Earrings in Black
Baroque Earrings in Matte Gold
Dandelion Earrings in Gold
Fern Earrings in Matte Silver
Geranium Earrings in Matte Gold
Zanzibar Earrings in Matte Gold
Vintage Detail Posts in Matte Gold
Valentine's Day Heart Hoop Earrings in Gold
Tiny Bird Post Earrings
Swirl Earrings in Gold
Susan Small Circle Posts in Gold
Sol Key Earrings in Matte Gold
Small Matte Silver Plated Posts
Pearl Cluster Earrings
Long Fan Earrings in Silver
Long Branch Post Earrings in Silver
Hollow Leaf Posts in Matte Gold

VIA: Shlomit Ofir.

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