Architecture Around the World in Rings from Philippe Tournaire

Tournaire is the jewelry brand famous and recognizable not only in France but all over the world due to its unique design, high quality of the gems and of course its creative approach. Philippe Tournaire, the founder of this fashion house faithfully believes that the success of the business greatly depends on the creativity and the fresh ideas but not only on the skills applied. Having a keen eye for detail Tournaire stands out among others due to the skilful combining of precious metals and stones with the history of art and science.

New York City Tours - Gold and Silver Ring

Philippe Tournaire collection of architectural jewels simply breathes with the interest to other cultures. The designer uses different precious metals and stones of superb colors to show his own distinct harmony. Rings and bracelets included in the collection look very interesting and extravagant. This is what can really be called the art to the fingertips!

London – Gold with Diamonds Ring
Moscow - Gold Ring
Paris – Gold with Diamonds Ring
Roman Palace - Gold Ring
Leaning Tower of Pisa - Gold and Silver Ring
Florida - Gold Ring
Dubai - Gold and Silver Ring
Courchevel - Gold Ring
Chinese Villa - Gold with Diamonds Ring
Chinese Pagoda – Gold Ring
Chalet - Gold Ring

VIA: Philippe Tournaire.

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