Amalia Boutique Offers Exquisite Jewelry by Michal Oren

Welcome to the world of Israel fashion. Amalia web site is an online fashion boutique from Tel Aviv. Today we want to present to you the mosaic of the jewelry by Michal Oren. Little, romantic, cute and funny they are so different in their character and mood. The materials used by the designer are gold and sterling silver.

The jewels are unique and interesting in their ideas quite perfect for the young charming ladies in fashion. A fascinating combination of cultures will certainly catch attention, while little funny details in many items will give a joy and good mood. Enjoy the creative collection!

VIA: Amalia Boutique.

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2 Comments to “Amalia Boutique Offers Exquisite Jewelry by Michal Oren”
  1. Marie says:

    Beautiful and simple! Love it!

  2. Make handmade says:

    Love it, thanks for sharing

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