Adornments Which Reflect a Highly Exclusive Lifestyle from ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery

Each ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery piece is unique not only for its details and remarkably distinct imprint, but also because of its originality in combining different materials, which makes them highly extraordinary, and the way they are skilfully manufactured by the precious hands of experienced artisans, guarantees their excellent quality transforming them into irreplaceable jewels.

The Belaspekta – Heritage Jewellery Collection greatly inspired by the feminine grace and allure of the 1920’s, offers the modern women magical details that are a reinterpretation of a classical style which defined a glamorous era, reflecting our passion for finesse and excellence, where nothing is left unnoticed by our designers and artisans who seek to create jewels that will suit you perfectly, offering the luxurious and contemporary look you dream for.

VIA: ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery.

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