Adorable Eggs of the Porcelain by Peter Nebengaus

German jeweler and designer Peter Nebengaus makes handcrafted porcelain things. Feature of his masterpieces is a unique combination of porcelain with jewelry. Particular attention should be paid to the luxurious eggs by Peter Nebengaus. Unique eggs made of the best European porcelain combine elements of contemporary art with ancient stylistic features.

Platinum Egg by Peter Nebengaus

Adorable Eggs are created using a special application technique of gold and platinum. Organic combination of glossy and matte surfaces enables to achieve a special effect of volume. Masterpieces encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. In addition to the eggs in an assortment of porcelain products you’ll find pictures, vases, lamps and tea sets.

Swarovski Egg by Peter Nebengaus
Fortune Egg by Peter Nebengaus
Gold Egg by Peter Nebengaus

For more detail and prices please visit Peter Nebengaus site.

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