80’s Style Jewelry from Angle Dust

My interest in jewelry started while I was working as a web designer in Istanbul, Turkey. I started to draw jewelry pieces after work and learned the basics of the production process by myself. It was actually something that I did for myself but later on got the attention of the people around me and had so many comments that I should make a brand for it. This decision made a huge impact on my career. Everything went so fast, In a few months Angle Dust was selling in many shops in Turkey and Paris.

I quit my job and moved to New York to study jewelry design. Currently I’m studying at Fashion Institute of Technology. My collection is based on geometric shapes which reflect 80’s style. For this reason I started the production process with plexiglass which could provide the sense of joy and color of 80’s. It is always important for me to make each product flawless thus I make each product cut by laser machine perfect by filing the cut edges and processing in polishing machine.

VIA: Angle Dust.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    The plexiglass owls are adorable! I’d wear one every day. Is there any opportunity to purchase; where can I get them?

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