8-bit Jewelry and Other Fancy Masterpieces from Neivz

Who said the accessories should be classically elegant and ordinary? Neivz is the project by Los Angeles based designer Steven Shein who is admired by the bold, audacious and bright ideas. He creates in rather different direction from cartoon heroes, pop culture and candies to futuristic architecture and computer programs.

The items are carefully crafted with the attention to the each detail and with all love and tender care to the creations. Shein delivers authenticity, integrity, and high quality design to the collection. He used laser cut plexiglass, wood and 14 K gold. By the way Neivz is the brand appreciated by lots of celebrities.

VIA: Neivz.

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  1. LindaKanter says:

    Hello, I have looked everywhere online for Steven Shein’s multi argyle bracelets with no luck. I purchased one some time ago, however I don’t remember where it was purchased. I have friends who would like to order these bracelets. Can you help? Thank you. Linda Kanter

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