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Modern and Ancient Time Icelandic Jewelry from Nordic Store

Gudbjorg´s concept has been creating jewelry collections that consist of independent pieces that stand strong on their own but also make an impressive whole when more pieces are worn together. Gudbjorg often seeks inspiration in Iceland’s unique nature, her jewelry pieces don’t imitate but rather evoke the atmosphere of whatever Gudbjorg is influenced by, and when she’s reached a satisfactory outcome she gives each collection an Icelandic woman’s name.

Since most Icelandic names have a meaning, the collections – each consisting of a necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring and sometimes brooches and hairpins – are given names that suit them and symbolize the concept behind their creation. Read More »

Nature Friendly Jewelry from Bario-Neal

Bario-Neal offers handcrafted jewelry pieces made with reclaimed precious metals, ethically sourced stones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices. This brand is the result of collaboration between Anna Bario and Page Neal. Designers from Bario-Neal are committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality and paying much attention to the social issues facing the jewelry industry.

Bario-Neal participates in the Madison Dialogue, a cross-sector initiative established to promote communication and collaboration among companies, civil society groups and others seeking to encourage best practices, sustainable economic development, and verified sources of responsible gold, diamonds and other minerals. Read More »

Premiere of the jewelry collection Flow by Verena Schreppel

Flow is a necklace collection made of glass and hemp rope. The glass shapes are designed in a circular, an oval and a bean shape. They are of clear, apricot or dark grey translucent color and are held by a hemp string. The necklace can be worn open and closed by twisting the string. The wearer can define the shape of the necklace by twisting it into the preferred final shape. In this regard the very pure and simple design offers a great variety of wearing the piece.

“Glass has been one of the most exciting materials to work with. Its translucent quality bears something magic, a medium that creates shape, but being able to see through it takes away its physicalness. So it has a body, but from a different angle, in a different light it dissolves. For me it is an ethereous, a spiritual material.” Verena Schreppel

Read More »

Textile Jewelry by Moldarina®

Sónia Nunes, who lives and works in Portugual, is the Designer-Maker at Moldarina®. With a degree in Social Education, she worked eleven years in social housing areas of Lisbon, Almada and Coimbra.

In 2006 she experienced the pleasure of creating jewelry, after a casual visit at a supply store. Since then she started a self-taught path where she learned to embroider, knit, crochet, sew, photograph, among many other things. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Erika Iozsa

My name is Erika Iozsa and Jasmin Blanc is my special place to explore, learn and immortalize beauty, but also a means to get my message through. This brand was born in the beautiful lands of Transylvania in 2010, today being based in London, UK. My current work is a fine shaped jewelry line, handcrafted in ceramics, with a focus on delicate, feminine shapes, pastel colors and detailed textures. Recently I have launched my first wedding collection as well.

I come from a family of creatives, and art has always been the perfect way to express myself. I have learned most of the technicalities from my father, who is a professional mold maker and an artisan of ceramic decorative items. It was exactly this knowledge I got from him, which has become the foundation of everything else I have later learned from experience and a lot of research. Read More »