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The Story of a Jeweler: Bettina Johnson

Born in Romania and raised in Germany, Bettina who crafts with an extreme passion for jewelry always knew that she would be a jewelry designer.

Bettina Johnson discovered her love for jewelry design and creation at an early age. Attending several jewelry classes at the age of 15, she eagerly developed her own unique design style and dove into the design world. For years, Bettina honed her skills on her bead-swathed bedroom floor creating jewelry for herself, but a handful of unique handmade beads from a local bead store had her hooked and inspired her to register her hobby to a business. Read More »

Coffee with Jeweler: Marta from Manolo Jewellery

Why did you decide to be a jeweler? Making jewelery for me is about representing and understanding a concept. I have always been attracted by it and a few years ago I decided to start making my designs using my own ideas and hand-drawings. I have always made adornments for myself but professionally it has just been quite recent.

What inspires you, what materials do you use? I think about the garment as a small private gallery. I find in people are my biggest inspiration and the firsts collections I created are inspired by ladies and gentleman. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Neta Wolpe

My name is Neta Wolpe and I am an Israeli born jeweler. I have been designing jewelry for over twenty years. Having studied both within Israel and at academies abroad I have had many opportunities refine my jewelry and design skills. I am inspired by the rich life and culture that surrounds me.

I was also strongly influenced by my mother who was an art teacher and crafter. As a child I was lucky enough to join her and her friends while they worked on their own projects such as sewing themselves dresses and bags. My participation in their creative process taught me the basics of design and instilled in me a love of art and self-reliance. Read More »

Red Prey Jewelry & Accesories

Red Prey is a Mexican Jewelry & Accesorie line created and manufactured by Industrial Designer Marisol Lara. Since its creation in 2011 it has been very clear the direction it has taken: The Object, The Absort Person and The Depriving Element.

The juxtaposing of the elements to create a crude combination is what has defined it’s looks: From elements brought from their natural habitat, the okay of textures, transformations and combinations of process has made each piece unique and being their own protagonist. From metals like Silver and Gold to the use of many different minerals: Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, among others. Read More »

Exclusively Handmade Wedding Rings by Hava Lazar

Hava Lazar is Jerusalem based jewelry brand founded by husband and wife team who have been designing and making jewelry for over 30 years. Many new couples come to Hava Lazar to buy wedding bands because their parents bought their wedding bands in this shop. All these wedding rings exclusively handcrafted from white, yellow and rose recycled gold.

Artisans from Hava Lazar take inspiration from the nature, trees, stars and geometric shapes. They learned the art of jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing from the father of one of them. They use the traditional methods he taught them. Artisans make the whole process in their workshop, from the melting of the gold to get the exact color and karat till the last finishes. Read More »

Attractive Jewelry Pieces from Jessica DeCarlo

For the past 5 years, Jessica DeCarlo has been hand crafting jewelry from her Brooklyn based studio alongside a small group of artisans. Her designs are inspired by her love of nature and from everyday inspiration living in NYC. The pieces are each individually hand hammered and her cast pieces are initially carved from wax, using traditional lost wax carving methods.

Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry does not manufacture overseas, rather uses local independent suppliers and casting companies. Having worked for major jewelry designers in past years, Jessica has developed her own earthy but elegant style that distinguishes her brand from the rest, and in which many types of women admire. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Fruzsi Fekete

My name is Fruzsi Fekete, I am 22 years old, and I live in Hungary. I am finishing my BA diploma at the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

Making jewelry is something I have always enjoyed – ever since I was a little girl. Around the age of 13, I started to take it more seriously and created my first metal jewelry. When I applied to college and I had to decide what I wanted to specialize in, at first it didn’t occur to me to choose metalwork/jewelry design, because I have always looked at jewelry making as a hobby. Read More »

Bridal & Seasonal Accessories from Portobello Jewelry

As a child I always wanted to become a fashion accessories designer as it brings me joy at heart. I’m inspired by nature with the blends of vintage and modern elements to produce chic, edgy and elegant styles. I’ve recently participated in the Oscar Celebrities Gift Lounge.

Portobello is an independant bridal head pieces and jewellery designer with chic, feminine and sophisticated appeal. Read More »

NIIRO Jewelry and NEROBYNIIRO Collection

Slovenia based Rosanna Raljević Ceglar is the & founder of the company NIIRO jewelry. She has established a unique position for the company by creating a conceptual universe within contemporary jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is a miniature work of art; intricate, delicate and bold. Her work and approach is based on a knowledge of academic background and contemporary art.

In addition to the company’s contemporary work Rosanna has launched a fine jewellery collection – an interpreted series of wearable pieces. Additional projects are works of art transcending the boundaries between jewellery, sculpture and visual arts. Read More »