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The Story of a Jeweler: Dario Scapitta Design

I was born September 4, 1975 in Valenza (Italy), the capital of Italian goldsmiths. Here I studied jewelry design and then also set design and custome design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. For over ten years I have dedicated to jewelry design, working with jewellery companies, always looking for new trends, the study of colors, materials and forms to apply.

Thanks to many years of experience in the use of 3D CAD technology, I have the chance to experiment with new concepts so as to always have a few months ago began a personal journey in creating objects that enclose simplicity, beauty and elegance that can be both traditional and modern, using new materials such as polyamide (nylon) or silver and steel, which, thanks to the technology of 3D printing allows you to create new and contemporary forms. Read More »

Bandada: Jewelry as a Balance between the Expression and Functionality

Bandada is the name of our work group, a young brand of jewelery created in Barcelona in 2008. We want to merge our experience in jewelery with product and graphic design. We are Ana María Ramírez and Adriana Díaz H.

We use silver and gold to produce our jewelry and also explore with materials as wood, melamine and others. From Bandada we think in each design as a project. We start from an idea that ends in a product, thinking during the process in users, materials, processes, packaging, and the exhibition. Read More »

The Story About Close Friendship And A Love Of Art And Design – Artisan Impact

We are 3 partners. It all began when we met at the age of 14 in the arts high school where 2 of us studied sculpture, ceramics, drawing and design. We now design Sterling silver mixed gold Jewlery with natural stones, since 1991. Our studio is located in Israel. Four years ago, Ev moved to Canada and we transferred our marketing office to Montreal. We create in Israel and sell from Montreal.

We dedicate ourselves to our creativity and skills. We have developed techniques that resonate powerfully through our contemporary jewelry designs, with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a distinct look for each piece of jewelry. By working with sterling silver, gold and natural gemstones, we create an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs. The use of intricate filigree work in our designs also demonstrates the impact of different cultures of our work. What is also great about our jewelry is that it is for women and men any age, and we are accessible from and ship to anywhere on the planet. Read More »

Dozens of Anchor Jewelry Pieces Handcrafted Using Precious Materials

The anchor is a symbol resistance, stability, safety and well-grounded hope. Large stones, baskets of stones and sand bags were used as the anchors of in ancient times. With the appearance of iron anchors, they were made of different shapes, trying to give them the appearance of paws, claws and cross. The current shape of the anchor has appeared in 1813.

Jewelry pieces decorated with anchors are quite popular in recent years. Most of them are unisex therefore they will be good gifts for both men and women. The symbolism of the anchor is also identified with firmness, solidity, tranquility and faithfulness. Submitted anchors are made of precious materials and will be a wonderful adornment not only for pirates and sailors. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Doron Merav – An Architect and A Goldsmith

My name is Doron Merav and I am an architect, sculptor and jewelry designer. Before my architecture studies and during, I was painting and sculpting in wood, stone and steel. I wasn’t interested in jewelry. So how is it that today I am a full time jewelry designer selling my designs online and in different shops around the world?

During my architecture studies I visited a friend from the university who was a jewelry designer. He showed me the tools and taught me basic technique. I realized that jewelry making is sort of a variation of sculpting. Design studies at the university combined with my experience as a sculptor drove me to buy the necessary equipment and start creating. I have studied alone, experimenting in my home workshop with new materials and techniques. Read More »

Heartfelt Jewelry from Lexi Lou Jewels

Fed up with working in menial, uninteresting, stifling jobs, Alycia stepped out of the rat race, invested time, money, and dedication towards starting lexi lou jewels. With inspirations ranging from contemporary jewelry design, to a particularly curly leaf seen on a hike in the forest, you just never know what will show up in the lexi lou catalog next.

Her process of taking her (and your) images and making them into durable jewelry is what makes lexi lou special. It isn’t necessarily what a jeweler thinks that their customers like, it is about what you and every other individual wants, what is directly important to you. Each photograph is transferred onto an aluminum pendant, accented with vintage Swarovski jewels and hung from an oxidized sterling silver chain. These durable keepsakes will be passed on for generations. Read More »

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry from DelicaTess

Tess is a 26 year old designer, originally from the Netherlands, and responsible for DelicaTess. Currently she and her husband are living in Kobe, Japan for 2 years. In DelicaTess you can find exclusive handmade one of a kind jewelry, made with items artisan finds everywhere and anywhere, inspired by their shapes, looks and textures. Here’s a little story by Tess:

I am an interior design student, and all I had to do to finish my degree is complete 2 internships. So I jumped at the chance to move to Japan. I thought it would be exciting to do my internships overseas. And of course it is, but an internship wasn’t in the cards for me. It turned out to be very difficult to find a company that wants interns, especially since my Japanese is not fluent, most Japanese speak poor English, and an internship for more than a few days is not normal here. When I started to realize that my plans weren’t going to be realized, I had to Read More »

Brilliant Handcrafted Jewelry from Greece by Nafsika

Nafsika is gifted artisan from Greece. She offers colorful handcrafted jewelry pieces. We were able to contact her and that’s what she told us:

“Jewelry making came into my life as a hobby but it became a great love. With it I found a mean of expressing myself and unleashing my creativity. I am greatly inspired by nature. A walk on the beach or a mountain hike gives me so many little treasures to work with. When I stumble upon a pebble or find a little sea urchin my first move is to see what it looks like as a ring on my fingers! I love working with sterling silver, semi precious stones and raw mineral crystals.” Read More »

Infinity of happiness: Happy 8 by Chopard

Chopard jewelry is one of the most exciting exhibits at BASELWORLD 2012. The figure 8 becomes a source of inspiration for artists from world famous brand. Throughout history and many different cultures, 8 has always been seen as a good omen, a token of balance, completeness and prosperity: the promise of happiness tinged with an aura of infinity.

The ideal curves, richness and power of the figure 8 have inspired us to create a collection where the infinity purity of the lines echoes that of the materials in a subtle association between diamonds and white gold. In these watches and pendants, the spirit of Happy Diamonds is ever present through the free-spirited play of the precious gems, while the curves of the 8 find a stylistic echo in the interlacing circles. Metaphorical infinity thus becomes a dazzling embrace, guided by a universal lucky sign. Read More »

Puzzling Jewelry from Cabinet of Trinkets

The mystery is always more attractive and how many mysteries may be hiding in your appearance? Marina Noronha offers very interesting jewelry pieces. The idea behind the trinkets store is to expose small objects as in a cabinet! Marina Noronha graduated at School of Design at the University of Minas Gerais.

I miss you! Ring is one of the most famous items of Cabinet of Trinkets. This delicate gift of love is an expression of feeling the absence of a beloved and irreplaceable. But collection includes not only jewelry pieces, but also some housewares and other little thing. Marina Noronha continues to fill her Cabinet of Trinkets with interesting stuff. Read More »