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Sparkling Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands from Couture Collection by Verragio

Verragio is a world famous brand which specializes in the production of luxury wedding jewelry. Barry Verragio is a gifted jewelry designer who founded the Verragio. Couture Collection consists of engagement rings and wedding bands.

0.35Ct. of pave set round brilliant diamonds to enhance a round diamond center

Main features of jewelry from Verragio is clean lines and cutting edge designs, interesting but at the same restrained design. Rings from Couture Collection are made of platinum, palladium and gold and adorned with carefully selected diamonds. Retail price range for Couture Collection starts at $1,500 up to $3,500 in 18K. Verragio’s Couture pieces are made to accommodate anywhere from a classic round center stone to an asscher or radiant cut. Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: Rings from Cupid and Psyche collection by Shannnam

Eros (or his Roman counterpart – Cupid) is god of love, companion and assistant of Aphrodite, the embodiment of loving desire. He provides the continuation of life on Earth. Psyche in Greek mythology was the personification of the soul, breath, appeared in the form of butterflies or a young girl with the wings of a butterfly. Myth about Cupid and Psyche became a storyline for many literary works.

Shannnam offers interesting collection devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. In each of these jewelry pieces contain the situation well known to our hearts. All the rings are 100% hand-made and could be shipped for worldwide destination. Read More »

Subtle Message of Love in Jewelry Pieces from D.K. & Wei

The heart was a symbol of love and sincere affection for centuries. The heart is perceived by mystics as a repository of the soul or spirit, the engine of passion, thought and life. Heartbeat is seen as a reflection of the cosmic processes of expansion and contraction of involution and evolution. Designers of D.K. & Wei offer rings with a very unusual heart symbol.

Heart of Love is awesome collection of jewelry from D.K. & Wei. Inspired by classic photographing of a wedding ring on the bible with casted “love” shadow, artisans deftly use the game of shadows to create jewelry with unique style. All items are crafted from sterling silver with rhodium plating for lasting beauty. Read More »

Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 9 Amazing Lockets from Etsy

Lockets are probably the most romantic type of jewelry. It is not only decoration but also storage for photos or other relics. It is believed that the lockets was invented in ancient Rome, it was a round disk, which was the award to the military commander at the time of triumph.

Locket is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They all are unique and made of different materials. Most of them are performed in Victorian style. Each of these lockets has something special even though they are from different price categories. I hope you like it. Read More »

Luxury Engagement Rings with Diamonds from Nail Lane

Neal Lane is not just an American jeweler but also famous jewelry brand well-known for luxury masterpieces. Fabulously expensive products predominate in the range of this brand. But there are also rings with more democratic prices. Marriage is a serious event so do not try to tighten the purse strings.

Engagement rings from Nail Lane are popular among movie stars, famous athletes, and successful businessmen. These gleaming rings made of platinum, gold and diamonds of various cuts. Among clients of Nail Lane there are such stars as Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh, Carmen Electra, Rachel Griffiths, Kristin Davis, AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Simpson and others. Read More »

Jewelry with Egyptian Symbolism from Low Luv x Erin Wasson

American fashion model Erin Wasson has her own line of jewelry Low Luv. She even took part as a model in an advertising campaign of her brand. At first glance these pieces may seem a little bit aggressive. But it has some merit. Such adornments look particularly impressive on the elegant female curves.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson consists of rings, layered chains, heavy bracelets and earrings. Gold or silver plated items may seem too large but size is one of the features of the collection. All items are made in antique style. Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen wear jewelry from Erin Wasson. Read More »

Unusual and Unique Jewelry and Accessories from Branimir Souc

Vi by Brana offers a stunning jewelry made of plastic and rubber. Beautiful and unique jewelry do not have to be made from expensive materials. Precious material is not the main component. Designer Branimir Souc born in Yugoslavia (Serbia), graduated on Russian Film Institute in 1994 as a film director. Despite the cinematic education he became a jeweler. Self developed technology and machinery for working with plastics. Row, melted material is formed practically in the air and by hands.

Branimir Souc creates jewelry using a self developed technology and machinery for working with plastics. Row, melted material is formed practically in the air and by hands. Due to this technology all jewelry are one of a kind. Read More »

Revolving Calendar Ring – Not Merely a Jewelry

Almost a month has passed since the beginning of 2012. But maybe someone did not have time to get a calendar. In this case you will be interested with this gadget. What are the similarities might be between jewelry and the calendar? Calendar can be integrated into the ring.

Calendar ring made of stainless steel. It consists of three rotating discs. One of them contains months from January to December. The other contains the numbers from 1 to 31. The middle disc is a connecting link of the ring it was adorned with a stone that points to a combination of the date of the month. Calendar Ring will be an interesting jewelry gift with low cost.

Cupid and Other Angels in Angelitos Collection from Carrera Y Carrera

The angelic theme is in vogue on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Of course Valentines and hearts are also in fashion due this time. This pleasant and romantic holiday is good time to reveal your feelings. Carrera Y Carrera offers a dive into the world of angelic luxury. This collection of masterpieces is not new but appropriate to the subject matter of the holiday.

Yellow gold

Angelitos collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces made of yellow and white gold. Some of them are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. “The Angel, symbol of goodness, beauty and love, has throughout history served as a central theme in all forms of artistic expression.” Read More »

Handcrafted Jewelry from Mexico City by Susana Fabre

Susana Fabre is a jewelry designer from Mexico. Massive faceted rings and melted bracelets made by her hands are not like ordinary jewelry. You can notice both natural and geometric forms in the outlines of these jewelry pieces. Ring vaguely resemble the style of jewelry by Kara Ross.

Jewelry pieces from Susana Fabre are made of silver or gold-plated, some of them are adorned with zirconias. All pieces are handcrafted individually with every ounce of patience, care and manual skill. Package design is also handmade and exclusive for these pieces. Read More »