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Dazzling Wedding Rings from Harry Winston

Now it is time to present the new collection of wedding accessories from well known to you Harry Winston. The artisan again gives the feeling of becoming the queen when wearing his jewels. This is especially important in such a great day as the wedding. His diamond rings are as splendid as usual and even more, sparkling and making everybody adored.

Wedding bands include items made of platinum and wonderful stones of different shapes and sizes. Harry Winston is the brand that always appreciates the timeless elegance and sophistication of the rarest diamonds. Its jewels are really the evidence that diamonds are the best friends of the girls. Read More »

12 Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Dragons

According to Chinese astrology – New Year 2012 is the year of Black Water Dragon. The dragon is the fifth in the cycle of Chinese zodiac. Each of us knows that the dragon is very powerful but no less endowed with wisdom. Culture and traditions of ancient China always have their own fans. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to the jewelry performed in the Dragon theme.


Each of these jewelry pieces are made by hand and decorated with elements of Dragons. Craftsmen used various materials from gold and silver to bronze and wood. There is also a jewelry box made of Chinese bronzes and charming jewelry rack forged. All these things were found on the Etsy. Read More »

Spiced Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver from Sara Hood

Yellow mustard seed, cardamom, dill seed, peppercorn, saffron and nutmeg – all these spices are key ingredients for Spice series. This idea belongs to Sarah Hood. She loves jewelry, precious metals and gems, but at the same time loves the unusual combination of these materials with natural components. Sarah Hood invents her works without using paper and sketches. Her main tool is imagination.

sterling silver, glass bottles, whole spices (dill seed, fennel seed, saffron, yellow mustard seed, cardamom

Sarah Hood has an engineering degree and a Ph.D. in the humanities. Also she enjoys studying Buddhism and Tibetan language in addition to jewelry. All these jewelry can be found on her website. Read More »

Wedding Rings Handcrafted Using Titanium and Wood from Etsy

Titanium wedding rings finally found their niche in bridal jewelry. Now it’s time for artisans for new experiments. Let’s turn our attention to the titanium rings made with wood. All these wedding rings were found on Etsy. They all are hand-made of titanium with different types of wood.

Titanium wedding bands is unusual and at the same times a very popular choice for both women and men. Titanium stronger than platinum, gold and silver. This will be the perfect choice for couples who prefer the open sky and recreation, because titanium rings do not need care and almost indestructible. Read More »

Engagement Rings With Diamonds That Can Satisfy the Most Demanding Taste from Chad Allison

The intricate and unexpected design is the feature of Chad Allison, brand famous for its eclectic art mixing the traditional approach with the new tendencies and elements. The collection of the engagement rings amazes the imagination by its gorgeous beauty. Crafted from platinum or 18K gold with sparkling diamonds these rings will be perfect for such great and important event as the engagement.

Impeccable craftsmanship and the highest quality made Chad Allison the company of timeless elegant and unique style. In these accessories traditions are combined with the desire of the goldsmiths to express themselves. The strong sense of the antique inspired designs is felt in each model. The engagement ring by Chad Allison will become not only the symbol of love but also a reflection of romance for years. Read More »

Uniquely Handmade Art Jewelry from Kathleen Dustin

Kathleen Dustin is a talented designer from New Hampshire. She majored in mathematics but eventually gave herself to the art of working with clay and precious metals. Kathleen Dustin also makes exquisite evening bags in addition to jewelry.

Lightweight earrings with oxidized sterling earwires make an elegant yet fun statement

Each of these jewelry pieces is a work of art. Carefully handcrafted using polymer clay and silver they attracted the attention with a huge number of details. You can become the owner of these unusual jewelry pieces for this please visit Kathleen Dustin shop by the way currently there are special offers. Read More »

Legendary Claddagh Rings – Hand Made Irish Jewelry from Etsy

Each culture has its own special Wedding jewelry. I want to draw your attention to a traditional Irish ring The Claddagh ring. This ring is not simply a wedding jewelry. It also can be presented as a sign of friendship and loyalty.

If somebody is wearing a ring on his right hand and heart turned away from its owner (ie the fingertips), this suggests that the owner of Claddagh ring is in search of love. If the ring is on the right hand and its heart turned to the owner, it means that the owner is in romantic relationships. Claddagh ring on the left hand with the heart turned to its owner is considered as engagement ring. Let’s look at these rings crafted by hands of artisans from Etsy. Read More »

Charming Xmas Deer and other Christmas Decorations made of Silver from Braybrook & Britten

Many years ago, religious Holidays were the only ones feasts for most people. Therefore, they tried to prolong the holidays as long as possible. Over time, Christmas, instead of one day turned into twelve days celebration.

The first Christmas trees were decorated with fresh flowers and fruit. Later there were added sweets, nuts and other foods. Then – Christmas candles. Over time glassblowers began producing hollow glass Christmas decorations to replace fruits and other heavy decorations. Wealthy families could afford Christmas decorations made of gold and silver. Braybrook & Britten offers silver Christmas tree finery, sterling silver ornaments, silver pudding charms and silver cake decorations. You do not have to be rich to afford it now. Read More »

Christmas Jewelry Gifts Based on Your Child’s Drawings from AM Jewellery

Still think what to give for Christmas? If you have kids and a gift you choose is for a close relative then you’ll really like this idea. Avril Manderson takes children’s drawings and transfers them into pendants, cufflinks and even bracelets made of silver. So you get not just a one of a kind jewelry but jewelry which contains a design invented by your baby.

AM Jewellery offers you a great idea for a gift at Christmas and other holidays and celebrations. Each jewelry piece handcrafted from start to final polish and if you need something a bit different you can just ask. All jewellery is presented in a unique gift box with a miniature version of the drawing in the lid. Read More »

Splendid Wedding Jewelry for Men and Women from David Yurman

Bridal jewels are always in fashion being the symbols of love. David Yurman offers to your attention his collection of elegant rings both for brides and bridegrooms. His art is the art of giving the pleasure. These sophisticated symbols of tender and devotion are made of 18K gold and platinum. The designer uses only the excellent and rare diamond creating the masterpieces, cute for women and enduring strength for men.

In David Yurman Bridal collection everyone can find something which seems to be created specially for him because there are various items from delicate cabled rings to elegant eternity bands. The designer successfully continues the classic tradition and his rings can be called a new union of elegance and style. Have a look. Read More »