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Stylish Afrocentric Adornments from Peace Images Jewelry

This line of jewelry called Peace Images Jewelry certainly possesses a special strong sense of style as well as it expresses definite direction in the lifestyle of a woman. Different tokens presented in the collection have a strong energy being the extraordinary and stylish adornments.

Peace Images Jewelry brand made a king of deeply symbolic line of accessories that catches attention. All jewelry pieces are beautiful and at the same time mysterious, attrahent and luring. The designer, passionate about the jewelry making, filled the creations with love and inspiration. The accessories are made of brass, and different bright stones are used in addition to finish the idea. Very trendy! Have a look. Read More »

Dangerous Luxury – Refined Watches from TechnoMarine

Life is motion, life is movement. That is the motto of TechoMarine, Geneva based company producing practical and stylish watches with the variety of ideas. Their timepieces are inspired by the power and energy of the water element, sinuous and organic materials. This is the real mix of dynamism, joyful playfulness and strong sense of style.

TechnoMarine stroke the public being the first ever to put diamonds on a diving chronograph. And they are always ready to fill their masterpieces with the new innovative ideas. The four main concepts expressed in the watches are ‘beach’, ‘boating’, ‘diving’ and ‘city’. And the brand skillfully combines them, presenting bright and bold items. The prices vary from $300 to $3,000. This is not only the fun and colorful accessory showing the time, it reveals one’s personality and inner state. Read More »

DIY Tutorial: Flower Fabric Ring by V and Co

In the continuation of the DIY topic we want to tell you about the creation of the fabric flower ring by V and Co. It may become a perfect present for anyone you choose, either for your mother, sister or friend, or it may become a cute accessory for yourself. The designers offer three available color palettes, among them are pea green, sky blue, and canary yellow.

According to V and Co the necessary items for the process of creating are just one strip of fabric measuring at 1 inch by 10 inches, one adjustable ring blank and hot glue. The kits can be bought in their shop. Each kit comes with enough fabric and a ring blank. Following the few steps you will create bright and cool ring which will certainly give you a lot of joy! Read More »

Unusual Bridal Jewelry Ideas by Wendy Leah Dawson

Wendy Leah Dawson, a talented artist and jeweler from the UK, is very interested in different mechanisms and constructions. He tries to add some elements in his adornments. The main materials of the collections are silver, platinum and aluminium, sometimes incorporating parts of the original mechanism (for example glass). These jewels are intended to please the body as well as the wearer.

Some models from Wendy Leah Dawson look really rather unusual and interesting such as fanciful silver iris brooch or engagement ring clustered with uncut diamond forms. The designer creates in collaboration with Ian Thompson in the Innovation Centre at Coleg Llandrillo. Plunge in the world of mechanisms. For example how do you like the accessory based on a camera lens aperture mechanism? In such collections everyone will find something interesting! Read More »

Jewels allying couture and allure – Masterpieces from Parure Paris

After graduation in jewelry at the Ecole du Louvre and many years spent on the Place Vendome, a young hip Parisian creates her own brand. Jewelry collections composed of voluptuous and delicate shapes, with original pieces, that the designer chose to address women.

From swing bracelets embracing diamond patterns sliding on their rail at the beat of each of your movements, to the snake shaped pendant Kaa, swaying on your cleavage, and with the double ring with Angel or Devil wings – according to the mood….The first jewelry collection allies couture and allure. These jewels will just make one with you! Read More »

Princess-Inspired Bridal Jewelry by Alfred Angelo And Disney

The fantastic and fabulous collections of the bridal jewelry are presented by Disney Bridal. This brand helps the bride’s dreams come true and makes the great day of the ceremony unforgivable and happy. All of us being the girls were admired by the wonderful Disney princesses which fascinated by their beauty and sweetness. I guess many girls dreamed to be like their heroines.

So Disney Bridal makes the fairy tale wishes take flight in their way to the true love. The designers took the images of several princesses among which are Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Jasmine, Tiana and Cinderella. Each model is made in Canada from the finest materials, rhodium plated with the usage of clear crystals, pearls etc. these romantic and elegant jewels can be called the collaboration of the magic and storytelling heritage of Disney and the internationally renowned bridal fashion of this brand. Listen to your inner princess and let your heart decide what image to choose. Your fairy tale waits for you! Read More »

Unique handmade Jewelry from Earthly Icons

We want to present to you attention the striking Lapidary Art by Mark L. Milanich by EarthlyIcons. You will not leave it without attention due to the rich palette of colors playing in the gemstones used. Creative, modern and stylish the jewels included in the collection look very elegant. Simple shapes are completed by the fanciful design and high quality of production.

Pietersite, Citrine and Sapphire

Each of the items is carefully handcrafted and is unique. The brightest gemstones which are probably one of the biggest designer’s love are collected personally from the shores of Lake Michigan. Sophisticated gems look very harmonious and make you closer to the nature. Enjoy the visual form giving and expressiveness in the Lapidary Art. Read More »

Unique Stunning Jewelry from David Rice

Timeless design is that what distinguishes David Rice’s design. It is this quality that sets us apart. The designer catches his inspiration in feelings as well as in the nature while creating his masterpieces for wearing and for the home interior. For example, the Sails collection wonderful in its unusualness is inspired by wind and water, it reminds to us about the little yacht running on the waves.

14k White Gold with Blue Spinel and Diamonds

Graffiti surprises by the interesting forms and style, while the peculiarity of Gemstones is the play of colors in the facets of the jewels. Made of silver and gold, decorated by the finest gemstones, the adornments from David Rice please by its top-quality and perfect craftsmanship. Read More »

Luxury Writing Instruments by David Oscarson

Pens are not only the necessary writing instruments in everyday life, but also the luxury and chic accessories revealing the one’s status. The collection of precious pens by David Oscarson is the bright illustration to this. Drawing the inspiration from the various sources the designer creates writing instruments which are wonderful and really incredible in their style.

Each item by David Oscarson is carefully handcrafted with the attention to the details using only the finest materials of high quality and rare production techniques. So the quantity of the writing pieces is limited. The main material is the solid Sterling Silver which gives the certain magnificence. The complex procedure of creating gives the pens one more peculiarity of the splendor hues palette delighting the eye. These are the accessories for the real connoisseur of the top-quality and elegant design. Read More »

8-bit Jewelry and Other Fancy Masterpieces from Neivz

Who said the accessories should be classically elegant and ordinary? Neivz is the project by Los Angeles based designer Steven Shein who is admired by the bold, audacious and bright ideas. He creates in rather different direction from cartoon heroes, pop culture and candies to futuristic architecture and computer programs.

The items are carefully crafted with the attention to the each detail and with all love and tender care to the creations. Shein delivers authenticity, integrity, and high quality design to the collection. He used laser cut plexiglass, wood and 14 K gold. By the way Neivz is the brand appreciated by lots of celebrities. Read More »