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Earrings made of silver and cement by Metsa

Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry among the emperors of Egypt. The astonishing fact is that earrings were originally invented for men in ancient Asia about 7000 years ago. Today there are a huge number of different types of earrings. Pearl studs are one of the classic models of past centuries. The Canadian company Metsa offered an extraordinary idea.

Cement Pearls by Metsa

Cement Pearls – earrings made of sterling silver and cement. The use of cement made it possible to change earrings in time, because it is influenced by weather conditions. Cement Pearls as well as Concrete rings opens the door to new ideas and materials in the world of beauty and jewelry. Read More »

Sundial Ring or How to Tame The Time

Time is just a part of the measuring system used to sequence events or something more? It’s hard to imagine a modern man without a technical device that displays the time. Popularization of mobile phones led to a decrease in demand for watches. But sometimes you can forget it at home or battery can discharged at the worst possible moment.

Sundial Ring

In this case, the only way out is to find the sun and use a Sundial Ring, invented many centuries ago. All you need is to catch a sunbeam with a small hole on the inner rotating ring. A ray of light will indicate the current hour. Read More »

Iconic Jewelry: Perfect Masterpieces from Panthère de Cartier

The Cartier jewelry house is famous for its noble and amazing creations which allure by their mysterious beauty, top quality, subtle power of the stones used and precious materials, and of course the fantastic inspiration of the masters. The collection Panthere de Cartier rivets the eyes and simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. The gems included in it are gorgeous and fabulous.

Panthere brooch, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx by Cartier

Crafted from white and yellow gold with different luscious stones they were inspired by the artist and goldsmith, a woman who was the muse for the master of Cartier house. Her silhouette was like the panther’s one. So this charming collection is a symbol of admiration because of the enigmatic power, indomitable predator and seductive temptation. The dangerous beauty of the Panthere de Cartier hypnotizes! Read More »

Mediterraneo: Tribute to Contemporary Women by Carrera y Carrera

We have already presented to your attention wonderful Granada collection and Bestiario collection by one of the most famous Spanish jewelry brands Carrera Y Carrera. But the masters of this fashion house don’t stop to admire us. Amazingly beautiful Mediterraneo collection of jewels is devoted to the modern woman, independent and feminine at one and the same time.

Atenea Neckalce in White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds from Mediterraneo by Carrera Y Carrera

Carerra Y Carerra compares her with the nymph who lives at the sea near the Spanish coastline exploring and admiring the power and charm of the water element. All pieces of the collection are made of either yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds. These expressive adornments are full of passion and look very bright and creative. Undoubtedly the fantastic style chosen by the designers of the brand will give a pure excitement about the rarest jewelry to everybody! Read More »

Architecture Around the World in Rings from Philippe Tournaire

Tournaire is the jewelry brand famous and recognizable not only in France but all over the world due to its unique design, high quality of the gems and of course its creative approach. Philippe Tournaire, the founder of this fashion house faithfully believes that the success of the business greatly depends on the creativity and the fresh ideas but not only on the skills applied. Having a keen eye for detail Tournaire stands out among others due to the skilful combining of precious metals and stones with the history of art and science.

New York City Tours - Gold and Silver Ring

Philippe Tournaire collection of architectural jewels simply breathes with the interest to other cultures. The designer uses different precious metals and stones of superb colors to show his own distinct harmony. Rings and bracelets included in the collection look very interesting and extravagant. This is what can really be called the art to the fingertips! Read More »

Multitasking Pendant from Michiel Cornelissen

Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen offers wonderful combination of tool and symbol. A bit cross is bronze infused, stainless steel pendant. But it is not simply pendant in shape of a cross. Tips of the cross are an indispensable tool in everyday life.

A bit cross by michiel cornelissen

Bit sizes are based on actual tool bits, including an IKEA standard tool – handy for those touch up jobs you never get around to. Pendant is made of bronze infused stainless steel and can be used for light jobs. Michiel Cornelissen graduated from the Delft University of Technology. Among his works there are a lot of interesting things deserving your attention. Read More »

Cute Handmade Necklaces by Jenny Loves Kawaii

Jewelry exists in every culture. One of modern Asian culture often features the word Kawaii. After searching I found that this word is an adjective in Japanese meaning – cute; lovely; pretty; charming; dear; darling. This interest was caused by Jenny Loves Kawaii store. Jewelry pieces are really cute and lovely. Each of these necklaces is made by twenty year old girl hands.

Kawaii Strawberry Pink Milk Necklace

Pendants decorated with images of well-known cartoon heroes. The full name of the author is Jennifer Hamrick. She lives in a small town in North Carolina. Perhaps it will not cause interest among serious ladies, but it would be an excellent offer for young fans of modern Asian culture. Read More »

Equilibrium – Dual SIM Luxury Mobile Phone from GoldVish Geneva

Jewelry can be not only the wearable adornments but also the Accessories which are necessary in everyday life. How about a luxury cell phone? GoldVish is a Swiss based company known as a leader in the market of excellent handmade personal communication gadgets among which are mobile phones, watches and other accessories.

GoldVish Equilibrium

GoldVish Equilibrium is a new project of this brand which is presented as the first luxury mobile phone with Dual SIM technology. This miracle of technology and design can be described as creative, sophisticated and convenient just in the stream of GoldVish traditions of timeless elegance and exceptional quality. Be in connection with your nearest and dearest due to the luxury Equilibrium. Read More »

Jewelry made by Hand with Love and Care by Me Me Me

Jewelcrafting exists since time immemorial. At the moment we can find very different kinds of jewelry. All of them represent a combination of style, precious materials and skill of artisan. Precious materials are not the main factor in today jewelry. Some jewelers offer a great items made of porcelain.

Bird porcelain necklace with star or heart on silver chain

Me Me Me create necklaces, earrings, brooches and interior products out of porcelain and sterling silver. Their works are cute and beautiful. These jewelry are perfectly combined with tranquil appearance. Read More »

Part of the world on your neck: World Necklace by Maya Brenner

Maya Brenner is a veteran of the jewelry industry. Her collections are not similar to any other. Each of her collection is finite set of symbols. Jewelry by Maya Brenner Designs matches perfectly to almost any kind of style. World Necklace collection consists of pendants in the shape of various parts of the world. It could be countries, provinces, and much more. Masterpieces are made of sterling silver or gold and can be decorated with diamonds.

World Necklace by Maya Brenner

All other collections from Maya Brenner Designs are not less interesting. The impressive number of celebrities was spotted with jewelry of this brand. Among of them are Eva Longoria, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Penelope Cruz, Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek, Jessica Simpson, Audrina Patridge, Nicole Richie, Rebecca Romijn, Debra Messing, Molly Sims, Lindsay Lohan, Giuliana Rancic, and Rachel Ray. Maya is an author of a how-to jewelry book called BEADED JEWELRY: Create Your Own Style. Read More »