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Exciting and Innovative Necklaces by William Ehrlich

Our hobbies and interests often influence our work and they also make constructive people create their masterpieces. William Ehrlich being keen in architecture and painting created wonderful and impressive collection of jewelry which became the attempt to delete the boundaries between the arts. The real collector of contemporary art and various decorative arts movements Mr. Ehrlich tried to combine them into his adornments.

Tulip Pendant

The main material of the collection is the German silver, in some items it is plated with black rhodium, giving the jewelry a dark noble finish. The designer skillfully sets his masterpieces with precious or semi-precious stones which perfectly complete the image. The technology of creating is very interesting beginning with the drawing by hand and following by the cutting with the help of the special computer program. No two pieces are exactly alike and custom variations are possible. Read More »

Wooden Jewelry Case designed by Saskia Diez

AC02 JEWEL is a quadruple jewelry box. Interesting casket handcrafted out of solid European walnut. The surface of each of the modules has a different interior partitions, which conveniently lend themselves to the storing various jewelry or other precious stuff. The main features of this jewelry box are the pure use of material, simplicity and function.


Munich designer Saskia Diez in collaboration with German company e15 has created AC02 JEWEL. Saskia Diez is well known for her progressive jewelry design ideas and e15 is an internationally renowned design and architecture brand operating in the premium segment of the market. AC02 JEWEL is really amazing. Read More »

Comete: Supernatural Jewelry by Chanel

Luxury. In my view this is the most exact definition to the Comete collection by Chanel. We have already reviewed the gorgeous COCO collection by this world famous fashion house. And now the designers inspired by the beauty of the sparkling stars and miraculous constellations created this chic Comete collection which is intended to cover women with stars.

Comète Necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds

Chanel jewelry is crafted in the greatest tradition of French jewelry. Each piece of this wonderful collection is filled with purity, exceptional elegance and tenderness. Rings are crafted from platinum and 18K white gold. Some models are richly decorated with sapphire. These jewels will surely make any woman a queen. Diamonds are timeless, so is Chanel… Read More »

Cheerful Knitting Bracelets by Frieda and Nellie

All of us have someone who we can call our best friend. This is the person who knows our secrets, who understands and supports us. And of course it is quite a natural wish to have some pretty bauble to remind you about your friend. Stacey Herzog and Sarah Reid, best friends themselves, cooperated and inspired by their friendship began to create the diverse array of intricate knotted friendship bracelets.

Say you like me

They were also fascinated by the chic pieces from their grandmothers’ vintage jewelry collections that they wore on a regular basis. By the way their brand Frieda and Nellie got its name after the grandmothers of the girls. Bright and luscious these bracelets breathe with youth and joy. Having the fanciful names the wrists are both elegant and fun. All items are carefully handcrafted and one-of a kind. Stunning and delicate some of the wrists are decorated with rhinestones while others are with interesting embroideries. I guess all young ladies will find something to their style and taste! Read More »

Symbolic Jewelry from Max Steiner

Max Steiner is a very talented person which is known not only as a jewelry designer but also as sculptor, architectural modelmaker, 3d modeler and web developer. A wide circle of hobbies and interests gives him inspiration to create his masterpieces, sometimes pretty and elegant, and sometimes funny or charming. During his childhood Max was introduced to many different artistic methods and materials that’s why his collections are not similar with each other.

Thick Icon Brick Necklace

I guess everyone will find something to his taste from rings to decorative masks. For example his love to the art of origami encouraged the designer to create a beautiful and impressive collection of adornments in sterling silver and gold. A miracle of birth was symbolized in the Eli Collection in which pendants and earrings contain a tiny stones put into the hollow glass spaces. Inspired by his surroundings Max even created the collection devoted to NY subway. Have a look. Read More »

Faberge: The Return of the Legend

The name of Faberge is inseparably connected with Russia and the Russian Imperial family. Find yourself in the creative and entrepreneurial world of this legendary jewelry house. Its collection of well-known eggs (both Imperial and otherwise) created by Peter Carl Faberge is certainly utterly timeless. We want to focus your attention on the range of elegant jewelry egg pendants.

Oeuf Matelassé Empereur Or Rose

Egg is a universal symbol of life, so this brand created these fine adornments to remind it. The pendants can be characterized as exquisite precious objects that still resonate today with the passions and poignancy of a lost world. They combine dynamism of a modern world with an old-fashion tradition, old materials with new. The style is really imposing and majestic. Outright adoration of luxurious Faberge chic is in fashion forever. Read More »

Bullet rings – Deadly Beauty Jewelry

Creative people catch inspiration in different things, in everything they meet and see. But sometimes the source of their inspiration is really surprising and striking. Adi Zaffran, a young Jerusalem based designer, created the collection of bold rings using… the bullets for the firing. His aim was to show the beauty of the bullet distanced from its original purpose and taken away from its surroundings. Adi tried to express the idea that even such unusual and extraordinary thing can become the stylish adornment, and I think he reached the success.

Ring made out of spent bullet

The rings show the story of the bullets from the moment it was fired until it was picked up. Great creativity combined with the genius simplicity is the main characteristic of the Bullet Rings collection. It is available at Etsy shop that we have recently introduced to you. Read More »

Serious Timepieces from Project Z by Harry Winston

Watches are simply necessary in the modern busy world, and nowadays this accessory becomes the stylish item and the subject of lots of ideas by the designers and goldsmiths. Pay attention to the collection of timepieces by Harry Winston, the famous jewelry and watchmaker. His project Z in the Ocean Collection is the example of the incredible design and high quality.

Project Z6 silver dial

The models are made of zalium, anthracite, ruthenium and silver. The watches are suitable for different situations; there is even the sports one. They perform different functions. Austere style makes them look very elegant. All timepieces are in the limited edition. Read More »

Dangerous Weapon for Beautiful Ladies by CW&T

One Brass Knuckle is a kind of jewel that can be called the odd one. It will be your own choice what to do with it. OBK looks really strange. The creative imagination of the designer tried to express the bold ideas in this creation.

OBK, One Brass Knuckle

The Knuckle is crafted from pure brass, stainless steel, gunmetal black or with a gold plated finish. The designers at CW&T use only the latest tools and processes to create their ideas in reality. As they say on their web-site OBK is “a jewelry the Swiss Army wished they had”. It can become really impressive and unusual accessory in your collection. Read More »

Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

In the heat of the summer is the midst of the wedding season. Glad to see that the diversity of ideas among wedding rings knows no boundaries. Using the fingerprint is very popular technique among jewelers. Now you can decorate your wedding rings for unique fingerprints of your partner. Rings handcrafted out of silver, gold, palladium or platinum.

Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

Process of making these rings begins with special kit for fingerprinting that is sent to the customer. Form for the ring is created using fingerprints that you sand back. Pattern can be located inside or outside of the rings according to the customer request. Read More »