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Stunning Clutches and other Wedding Accessories by Judith Leiber

Wedding is one of the most important days in the life of each woman. Everything should be ideal. Each bride dreams to be the most beautiful, to be perfect in every detail. Clutch becomes a very important accessory. Pay attention to the collection from Judith Leiber.

Satin bow bag in a crisp white satin with sparkling crystal trim

Clutches from this American luxury brand are made of exclusive satin and finished with sparkling and charming crystals. The designers are passionate about the quality of their handcrafted creations. By the way the brilliant design and top quality make the handbags by Judith Leiber the constant part of the design collections in many famous museums in Great Britain and the USA. Clutches look very tender and imponderable giving the sense of lightness and innocence so suitable for the wedding ceremony. Their refines elegance will complete the gorgeous atmosphere of the great day. Read More »

Rings With Nature Inside from Sylwia Calus

Simply and amazing are probably the best way to describe a collection of rings by a young Polish designer Sylwia Calus. In recent years protection of animals, forests or rivers and promote vegetarian culture become popular. Talented craftsmen from Poland have created a series of jewelry pieces with nature elements locked inside.

Silver Moss and green resin Ring

Transparent rings are made of synthetic resin. Instead of jewels designers use less expensive resources: herbs and flowers, moss, shells, pebbles. All that can be taken from nature, without harm to the environment. These rings are not made of precious metals and diamonds, but all of them are one-of-a-kind because of pieces of nature inside. Read More »

Fresh Summer Jewelry by Gabriella Rivalta

Jewelry from Gabriella Rivalta cause delight in children and evoke nostalgia in adults. The massive and catchy rings created with bright jewels and enamel are full of sophisticated shapes and mild tones. Delightful bracelets can liven up a fairy tale to your child. Each piece made by hand, so all jewelry are unique. They may be similar, but you will not be able to find exact copy.

Rose Ring made of Enamel, Gold and Diamonds by Gabriella Rivalta

Jewelers from Gabriella Rivalta use 18K gold, precious stones and pearls to create these jewelry pieces. Also they use very ancient technique of gold enameling. There are rumors that this technique was invented by Phoenicians. Read More »

Dangerous Beauty of Animalier Collection by Vandelia

The desire to become closer to flora and fauna is a popular tendency among the people of art nowadays. Animalier is a jewelry collection by Vandelia expressing love for nature. All pieces by this master Italian brand possess the best quality and a special charm. Bright ideas and suggestions are incarnated due to the unique procedure of creating which includes several steps.

Animalier Bee B White and Yellow Gold Enamel Brooch with Diamonds

All these jewels are hot-enamelled and carefully handcrafted. The goldsmiths use micro threaded pins and micro nuts made of 18-carat gold. The collection consists of broaches and pendants, and you can choose either a funny owl, or little ladybug, or bright birds and nice butterfly. The jewel items are full of light and color presenting the joy of summer. No doubt it is a fresh accessory for the young generation. Read More »

Ancient Pattern Rings from Landscape Series by Ross Coppelman

Experience the beauty and the power of the earth surface with Landscape jewelry collection by Ross Coppelman. The master of the jeweler’s art makes his adornments of the high-heat fusion of platinum dust and 22k gold. Looking rather noble and unusual at the same time Landscape earrings and necklaces are the result of the fantasy and skills. The designer pays attention to every detail in creating the inspiring and fanciful jewels.

Landscape Ring in 14k White Gold with Diamond 0.14 ctw and Blue Sapphire 1.3 ct by Ross Coppelman

Incredible design and exquisite craftsmanship express the fluid abstract patterns of the ground. These jewelry pieces not only help to feel the strength of the Earth but also the grandeur of the past times. They simply breathe antiquity. Very interesting and stylish solution! Read More »

Sea Treasures from Island Life Collection by India Hicks

India Hicks, a model, a writer and a happy wife and mother, recently tried herself in a new role of a jewelry designer. She presented her deeply personal collection called Island Life. This collection is made of sterling silver and diamonds and includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings with the sea inspired symbols. The designer who lives on the island with her family greatly appreciates such style of life.

Nautlis Diamond Pendant and Pearl & Branch & Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver

Silver shells, funny fishtails and cute sea stars express the playfulness and joy of the beach life. The jewelry pieces from India bring the sense of total freedom and harmony with the nature. With these gems a snip of the dreamy wonderful world of serenity will always be with you. Read More »

Exquisite Masterpieces from Granada Collection by Carrera Y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish leading jewelry brand, has been astounding the connoisseurs for already lots of years. Their jewelry items are known for the innovative design lines and bold bright decisions in style. Granada is a charming collection which consists of rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces. All pieces are made of gold interestingly combined with onyx or diamonds.

Arcos De Granada Ring in White gold, onyx and diamonds

The mesmerizing beauty of Granada is intended for those who really appreciate elegance and charm. It may even seem that these seductive adornments have a definite tinge of mystery concealing in the black chasm of onyx. Granada will become the right choice for women who want to surprise themselves and catch the attention of others. Read More »

Adorable Fashion Jewelry from Spring Summer Collection by Alexis Mabille

Fashion is the thing which is very changeable and which needs to be followed. This concerns adornments too. Different designers have different images of a modern woman. Some see her cute and romantic, others imagine a woman appreciating the freedom and full of contradictions. The last is just the concept of Spring/summer 2011 collection by Alexis Mabille. Black and white color palette dominates in his accessories. They give the impression of something dramatic and radical.

Rings, Earrings, Bracelets by Alexis Mabille spring summer 2011

Audacious and fanciful, the jewelry pieces by Alexis Mabille are suitable for those women who are confident and independent, who like to be in the centre of attention and are not afraid of provocations. Some necklaces are finished in howlite and chains; in others the designer used the cascades of beautiful crystals and pearls. Read More »

Charming Jewelry Inspired by Pets

Today connection with the environment is an actual trend. Many designers and goldsmiths inspired by the wild nature and birds and beasts began to create different adornments similar with the pets in shape. Pet Keepsakes from Williams Goldsmiths is an excellent example. The designers’ imagination stretches so far.

Dog nose bronze pendant

With such jewel you will not forget about your dearest pet. You can choose either the imprint of the nose or a paw. Or maybe you will prefer a funny little muzzle? The collection of pendants being expertly and carefully crafted is made of bronze and sterling silver. The jewelry will keep your beloved animals closer to heart and needless to say it looks very fresh and unusual. Read More »

Mysterious Symbols Pendants by Alef Bet

Nowadays many people wear the religious pieces of jewelry in attempt to follow the fashion. This is an excellent way to emphasize the faith and look stylish. And really the religious jewels took the essential place in the jeweller’s art. Welcome to the world of Judaic with the collection of gold necklaces from Alef Bet.

Blue Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

The Star of David, hamsa, chai and other religious symbols are sparkling in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold. With these pieces of jewelry good luck will be on your side. The jewels from Alef Bet are really original, not finished in traditional classics. The designers’ concept is the fashion design bringing faith and looking forward. So each item looks very contemporary. The religious jewelry item is perfect when it is worn as the source of inspiration and the symbol of faith. Read More »